Sinking into ground at Heathrow

Im in the A380 and my front wheel keeps popping up the getting stuck in the ground I have deleted my Game and reinstalled which no luck. I have been trying for around 25minutes now.


Did you ‘butter’ your landing slightly too hard?

Or is this an issue that is continuous in each session? Are you able to steer?

It’s when taxing to takeoff and when it happens everytime making it impossible to steer forcing me to quit and rejoin and this process just repeats itself.

Have you tried restarting your device?

Go into Settings > General > Scroll Down > Clear Scenery Cache (Click yes). This should help.

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Also, clear your scenergy cache. If that does not work, close and restart you app and if that fails, restart your device. If all else fails, delete and reinstall IF.

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Thank you I’ll try now

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Alright. Get back to us if it does not work.

Thank you all I had an eventful but atleast it was a takeoff :)

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A few weeks ago I was doing ATC at SFO and someone had the same issue.

They attempted to spawn three times, but when trying to taxi the front wheel sank in. Not sure if they ever figured it out because they eventually stopped reseting.

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