sinking glitch

whenever i spawn, the plane just sinks underneath the ground and crashes. i dont know why, please help


Could you please try to reinstall the app? It should be fixed afterwards.


We appreciate your post today, and your efforts to report this issue. Before we do anything, please have a look at this topic:

It will give you the correct format for a #support topic.

Have you tried a restart of your device?

This could also be apart of the issues currently affecting the servers. Hang in tight, it’ll get sorted!

Please let us know once you have done all of the above.


This is probs from internet issues either the server or you. Probs the server cause there are too many people.

This typically happens when the terrain hasn’t fully loaded before you hit calibrate. Watch the terrain build prior to hiting the tap to calibrate. This will typically solve it, if it doesn’t try a different airport, or spawn point.