Sinkholes @ CYYZ

I tried three times to get out of this airport, it was very very difficult…

What am I going to tell my boss? that’s three 777-300ER’s… gone 😰

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Hi, try cleaning the scenery cache at the bottom of general settings

Did that before the second flight… then it happened two more times. I’ve honestly never had this problem before.

Did some drifting on the sinkhole near RWY 24R (the one on the replay 2 and 3) and haven’t encountered any problems. Seems weird that it happened after clearing scenery cache, but the only option here seems to be just to clear it and try again

You may need restart the app + clear scenery cache. Worst case needs a reinstall.

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Uninstalled app, rebooted iPad, reinstalled app - so far flight is just fine, climbing to cruise. ✅

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