Sink holes?

I was just flying on the France-Germany border when I saw these sink holes or holes in the ground.

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That looks like a mine of some sort


Yeah it’s not clear

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I think it’s just glitches

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Possibly But there’s more of them and it’s the middlenof no where

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Maybe do clear scenery app cache

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It looks like some coal mines that are just outside Bergheim in Germany

Most likely

This is the coal mine „Garzweiler“ near Cologne. 😊

Just have a look at Google Maps the next time, you’ll find it right away.


There should be 3 of them next to each other. Garzweiler, as Marc already said, Inden and Hambach which is the biggest one.

I’m not sure. It could be what @AarkonTV or @TransportForLife said. If I saw a sinkhole that big I would be scared. not a sinkhole

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