Singles Landing Competition (1 Attending) @KPSP-261800ZMAY19

Server: TS2

Airport: (KPSP) Palm Springs

Time: 1800Z

Aircraft: A330 (Delta Airlines)

I will be holding a singles landing competition for my YouTube channel and to get everyone involved in the video. The landing competition will be taking place between 1800Z & 1900Z today @ Palm Springs airport on the training server. I only need 10 applicants so if you could edit the post and put your name in the designated spots 1-10 and when we reach 10 applicants the landing competition will be able to go ahead. Don’t be shy or reluctant this is all fun for everyone so please get involved I’d love to welcome everybody down that would like to take part. Hope to see you all later 👊🏻

  1. @Alaska170



What server?

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Hey Man! This needs to be in #live:events. Can you please format it correctly, and move it there. Thanks!

Here’s some help with formatting it: 😁

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Training server 👊🏻

I got the title for you. Can you add the required information to the body. Thanks!

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Asin aircraft bro? Sorry this is the first time I’ve posted an event apologies

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All good. This is all that needs added:

Server: ?

Airport: ?

Time: ?

NOTAM: Add important event information here

In a short block like that. Not spread around the paragraph. 😁

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Perfect thanks my man appreciate it 👊🏻

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All good, just here to help, let me know if you need anything else… 😀

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Is this event still happening?

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Yes it’s still happening even if we have 5 we can still go ahead 👊🏻

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Ok i plan to be there. Not sure how i edit the post to add name though. Are we suppose to do tough and goes?

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Basically before the flight I’ll let you know what traffic left or right you’ll be taking from deciding runway and then I want you to do your best landing for a full stop, if you want to try again just taxi back for takeoff and complete the same procedure again like before. You’ll be notified no problem 👊🏻

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Roger that.

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