Singleplayer live map

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows of any software that allows singleplayers to connect to a live map to make a singleplayer radar?

Nothing like this exists, I believe. I don’t think it’s even possible to make a single player radar, anyway. If it is possible, it would be very tricky to do. When you fly on solo, you are playing on the client side of IF but when you’re on live, you’re playing on the server side. LiveFlight, for example, has to use the server side of IF in order to track aircraft hence why you need a stable internet connection (aka “a server”) to fly on it. LiveFlight wouldn’t be able to track your plane in solo because you’re not on the server side you’re only on the client side.

*side note: I’m not a professional when it comes to app developing and networking and such. This is just from prior knowledge so some of it may be completely inaccurate.


I’m planning on adding this to LiveFlight for iOS eventually (probably not the first release, though). I could look into doing it on web too, but it would have to be in the form of a Chrome extension or similar.

Nicely said. Tracking solo would be a local network thing only, so I can use the Connect API to poll for data. I had a prototype of this somewhere…

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Infinite Tracker by Val has a great feature - turn on ForeFlight in your settings and connect both devices on the same network and you can track your flight real time accurately

That would be so awesome, and make me feel less lonely on Infinite Flight without Live ;-)

Okay! All the best! Hope the plan works out😁😁😁

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