Single Player Traffic

This would be cool- in singleplayer, have other planes flying around, too. This would help someone who wants to play with others but cant buy Live. There should be an option to turn this off, if someone wants to be completely on their own. Maybe the planes will taxi then go to a runway, queue up, takeoff, land somewhere else… The possibilities are really infinite, but this would be cool!


I think that’d be hard for FDS to create because of many things happening at once. I’m interested to see where this will go.

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It will be hard, I agree. This would be awesome! I mean, there would be no trolls, no people with little experience, Who doesn’t want that?

I think that would take away from multi player and less people would buy live. I know people hate that live is not free, but if it was free than the developers wouldn’t have the resources to make amazing update like they do.


I don’t think our devices could handle that, single player uses a lot more resource than multiplayer, as least it does with pc games.


Well, before Live was released they were able to make enough money, so this wouldnt effect it in my opinion

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Actually @AirbossPro the devs only had enough money because they only had to pay for the beta testing server. Now they have to pay for three servers (four including the current beta server) to please us. Not to mention most of that money was coming out of their pockets. Also, this is a fantastic idea. I would love to see this in single player also, but I would like other smaller things such as better runway lights, moving cockpit instruments, and the A320 Family! Infinite Flight just came out with Live so lets not get our heads wrapped around the future too much! Cheers!

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Hey there! I think that traffic in solo mode is not a great idea because maybe mobile devices cannot withstand it 😊

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Yes, I agree. Thats why I think there should be an option to turn it off

I agree thats gonna be awesome…and legitness

The reason we made Live was exactly because we didn’t want to do single player AI (artificial intelligence) that would handle traffic. Such an AI is not trivial to implement, and while we could make it follow the rules, it would still come with many issues.
In the end, despite the few nimrod that will always be there in any multiplayer app, Infinite Flight Live is a much more realistic and complete experience that whatever we could ever do with an AI.