Single Player ATC

This would have to be simpler then the Live ATC, but if you want to pushback, taxi, takeoff, land, etc.this would work. It could just say “Yes” for everything, this could be used as a training kinda thingy. Basically if you want to pushback it will say Yes, taxi it will say Yes, takeoff, landing, etc.


Would it detect planes coming inbound and tell you to hold short for it to land? :D

I think their should be a atc for solo


Absolutely Agree with this 👍👍👍


There’s really no point in having ATC for solo. The point of the ATC is to keep planes from crashing, but in solo you’re the only plane there. No point.


If you ask “am I on coalition course” will it say yes as well? If 2 pilot ask for take-off in either side of runway will it say yes? It won’t say anything else just yes? I don’t know what’s training thingy, you know the answer before you ask.

Did someone wake up the dead topic.

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The developers have already stated there is no reason for ATC in solo there is no other traffic so what’s the point.

An option to use ATC with no or basic responses to practice in solo mode.

What do you mean by virtual ATC, like automated responces?

Yes, or just an ATC that has no responses

I want one, just to get accustomed if I buy Live.

Do u mean Unicom on solo?

No, as if someone is controlling but you get automated/no responses. (eg. Qantas, ready for takeoff at runway 16R. Then you get an automated response or no response, your choice.

Having automated responses would be really hard to implement

I don’t really see the purpose of having ATC in Solo. If you want to practice ATC you would want to go to the Free Flight Server.


I was thinking ATC as if someone was controlling, not Unicom. Either.

There would be no responses in that case. How would that help?

It wouldn’t be too hard to implement if they made it that there is only one possible response for each message. It could be simple responses such as yes/no/hold short/cross runway/takeoff/land etc.

The automated ATC would probably come with basic responses.

Ok… I still don’t quite see the overall idea of this. Automated ATC will never be as good as a real person.