Single Mode Is Experiencing Problem with Yoke

When beginning single player mode, I have noticed that my yoke was turned instead of being straight. I first tried to calibrate it, then I uninstalled and installed it again. Neither of these solutions worked:( Are there any suggestions that could be beneficial to solve this annoying problem. Please comment below⬇️⬇️⬇️

Thank you for contacting support. Do you have a picture to show what you are referring to?

When you calibrate, your device needs to be level, then press the calibrate button.

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Go to the settings screen go to Controls.

Can you click on Restore Defaults on that screen?

Does it happen if you:

  1. place the device flat on a surface
  2. spawn
  3. press to calibrate
  4. see if the yoke is still turned?
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Guys, if you see the screenshot you can clearly see that he has AutoPilot turned on. Turn it off and it should be fine, no need to do what others mentioned besides calibrating your yoke before you fly :).


Make sure your autopilot is off before departure.


Excellent catch. You found waldo!

Turning off heading autopilot should do the trick.


Thank you guys so much for your suggestions. I have fixed the problem and I am ready to move forward with playing Infinite Flight Global! Remember that we are a community of people who have the same admiration and hobby of aviation. And with the help of this forum for Infinite Flight, we become closer as one. That is the most important part and the best part of Infinite Flight app. Thanks again Everyone😉😎


Beautiful words, I hope to see you in the Infinite Sky’s and if you have any questions dont hesitate to send me, a regular, or one of our lovely Moderators a PM and we can answer any questions or Inquary(s) you may have.
I hope you have a great rest of your evening!
Warm Regards,


Thank you and May you, too have a good evening:)

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