Single Engine Landings

I’m actually at the point where I need more hours than points BUT is it me or does it make no difference in points if you pull off a landing with one or all engines off? I think it should be worth whatever high crosswind landings are going for. Thoughts? Has this already been discussed? #features

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It isn’t possible to land with the engines off.

Done it a bunch. I’m sure it depends on the airframe but it’s most definitely possible.


Mr king of realism, I think that’s where you’re wrong. You can indeed land with engines off, there’s nothing to say it’s particularly easy, and it’s definitely not practical, but of course it can be done. You just glide.


That’s not true.

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I mean… if someone runs out of fuel do they just poof like Thanos snapped his fingers because they can’t land?

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Evidently not…
Ever heard of a deadstick landing?
The “Gimli Glider” certainly showed it was possible to land after a total loss of thrust


Hey, two questions real quick for ya.



Ever heard of a glider?


Sure it is! It’s called gliding, airplanes are made to do that. Next time, take the time to check things out before you randomly post 😉

Sorry if that was a bit harsh


Guys, come on. The OP and Kirito already pointed out the mistake; there’s really no need to rub it in his face. Let it rest, we all goof up sometimes. If you can’t contribute to the original question, move on.

@BOF I think it’s an interesting idea. Landing without thrust certainly poses a challenge, so it might be a good factor to consider when awarding XP. You can always make a request in #features if you want to see it in game. :)


Or Sully or thousand of other cases


Awesome! Thanks!

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@mwe2187, @jet_centric, @Guxk, @MaxedOut, & @BadPlane:

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Ok, I was wrong. I admit it. As @TaipeiGuru said, there is no need to rub it in my face. Everyone makes mistakes. No need to repeat it! Would be nice to see a little more respect.


It’s just a joke on how the community reacted. In no way did I mean to rub it in.


Ok, but it wasn’t the place for that type of joke.

Thanks for the reply @Philippe_Gilbert. You should fly out of LAX sometime on Casual Server, form brief Alpha :)

Yes guys it’s easier to glide with flaps though but I wouldn’t recommend doing it around IFATC on Expert though.

Good point, I do this on Casual only.

@DeerCrusher True, you DO literally need XP to level up in the game though. As I mentioned, I need more hrs to get to level 5 than XP so they don’t matter to me but they’ll matter to someone else trying to level up. Besides that I view the points as like a way of determining the quality of flight time I’d just spent. Maybe a caveman’s way of assessment but it passes the time. I think the idea of getting more points for better landings and what not is like being graded in way. May be silly, maybe others feel the same.

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They said to stop rubbing it in their face. So stop.