Singapore's Graphics

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well.

Quick question: how come the Singapore region is so pixelated and really blurry compared to all other regions in the world? In the end, Singapore has such a huge impact on the aviation world.
Thanks anyways.

The HD graphics for Southeast Asia is coming soon.



Yeh, malaysia is also rlly blurry. Kills all the life out of it.

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@Transport_Hub could very well explain.

It’s cause the scenery in Southeast Asia has never been updated. Reasons could be smog and cloud cover


Okay thanks for letting me know.

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Do a search in this forum with the following keywords:

End of year scenery update

Type in the post number at the bottom: 437

Behold! Your upcoming Singapore scenery, it’s coming soon, even the boats off the coast of Changi is visible! Let’s hope it’ll be available in the coming days/weeks! :)


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