Singapore Virtual | Soaring Sundays #9! A Sandy Sunday @ OMDB - 280000ZJAN19


This is part of an event series which will occur on select Sundays! The concept behind creating a series in this way was to engage the community with events on a set schedule. This means that rain or shine, an event will occur ever other Sunday! These events will feature all sorts of routes. One week, it could be a short haul to Jakarta, the next could be a long haul to Dubai! This series will also feature some of Singapore Virtual’s codeshares, for example Avianca, FlyBe, and Ethiopian. We hope you join us in this event as well as future events to come! We also hope you become a pilot for Singapore Virtual because, after all, it’s a great way to fly!

Event Details:

Server: Expert Server

Departure Date &Time: January 28, 2019 12:00 AM

Departure ICAO: OMDB (Dubai International Airport)

Arrival ICAO: HECA (Cairo International Airport)

Aircraft: A330-300 (EgyptAir)

Flight Time: 4:00

Cruise Altitude: FL360

Cruise Speed: M.82

Fuel On-board: 31,844 kg [70,204 lbs]
Passengers On-board: 252
Cargo On-board: 9,619 kg [21,205 lbs]

Callsigns: If you are a pilot for Singapore Virtual, use your SVA callsign
If you are not a pilot for Singapore Virtual yet, use any callsign in the format: SVAxxxx

Make sure to fly following all rules of aviation; SVA is not responsible if you acquire any violations.

Dubai International Airport Concourse D & A

Gate Pilot
Gate D01 @macharyone
Gate D02 @TwinsRock88
Gate D03 @NorAviator97
Gate D04 @Ashea58
Gate D05 @AndrewWu
Gate D06 @MQthederp
Gate D07 @TheNewbieTubie
Gate D08 @IconicUndead230
Gate D09
Gate D10
Gate A01
Gate A02
Gate A03
Gate A04
Gate A05

Standby List

Standby 1:
Standby 2:
Standby 3:

More gates will be opened if needed

Join Singapore Virtual!

Apply Now

If an SVA pilot flies with us during this event, they will be entitled to 3x flight time!

If a pilot in this event joins SVA within 24 hours of the event’s completion, they will also be given 3x flight time!

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Sign me up! SVA004

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Sign me up! SVA0722 :)

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I’ll take a gate. SVA0017

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Sign me up! SVA003

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Ill have a gate please! SVA181

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@TwinsRock88 your gate is Gate D02
@Gergo_Bognar your gate is Gate D03
@Ashea58 your gate is Gate D04
@AndrewWu your gate is Gate D05
@MQthederp your gate is Gate D06

Glad you can all come!


Sign me up SVA1943

Sure thing!

Your gate is Gate D07

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Sign me up! SVA305


Your gate is Gate D08

Hello IFC! The event is in 22 hours! Reserve your gate now!

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Sign me up! SVA006

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Sign me up SVA0293

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@NorAviator97 your gate is Gate D09
@TheNewbieTubie your date is Gate D10

Can’t wait to see you there!

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I cant attend now. I’m so sorry. :( Next time. :)

That’s okay, thanks for letting us know!