Singapore Virtual | Soaring Sundays #10 A Cargo Convoy @ PANC - 171900ZMAR19

Hello everyone and welcome to Singapore Virtual’s next event! In this event we will be flying from Anchorage Alaska to Dallas/Fort Worth Texas! KDFW is one of the airports on the ATC schedule for this week so we can look forward to some realistic ATC on our arrival! We can’t wait to see everyone there!

Event Details:

Server: Expert Server

Departure Date &Time: 2019-03-17T19:00:00Z

Departure ICAO: PANC (Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport)

Arrival ICAO: KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport)

Aircraft: B748 (All Nippon Cargo)

Flight Time: 5:45

Cruise Altitude: FL350

Cruise Speed: M.84

Fuel On-board: 53,000 kg [116,845 lbs]
Passengers On-board: 4
Cargo On-board: 37,000 kg [81,571 lbs]

Callsigns: If you are a pilot for Singapore Virtual, use your SVA callsign
If you are not a pilot for Singapore Virtual yet, use any callsign in the format: SVAxxxx

Make sure to fly following all rules of aviation; SVA is not responsible if you acquire any violations.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Gate Pilot
North Cargo Ramp 09 @AndrewWu
North Cargo Ramp 07 @Sashaz55
North Cargo Ramp 05 @TwinsRock88
North Cargo Ramp 03 @Capt_Ciko
North Cargo Ramp 01
North Cargo Ramp 02
North Cargo Ramp 04 @Laurent_Wellman
North Cargo Ramp 06
North Cargo Ramp 08
North Cargo Ramp 10
North Cargo Ramp 21
North Cargo Ramp 23

Standby List

Standby 1:
Standby 2:
Standby 3:

More gates will be opened if needed

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If an SVA pilot flies with us during this event, they will be entitled to 3x flight time!

If a pilot in this event joins SVA within 24 hours of the event’s completion, they will also be given 3x flight time!


North Cargo Ramp 03 for me! (SVA0088)

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North cargo ramp 04 please SVA1943


North cargo ramp 07 for me please sva4577 not a member


@Capt_Ciko, @Laurent_Wellman, @Sashaz55

Thanks for signing up! You have been assigned to the gates you chose!

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Sign me up! SVA004


Flight time?

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Great looking event! I’ll try to provide some IFATC services for y’all :)


Glad to see you can come! You’re gate is: North Cargo Ramp 05

Less than 2 days left! Reserve your gate now!


Can you put me down for a gate. 50/50 chance of flying/controlling at the moment. Thanks!


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