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Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding the IFVARB’s newly inducted rules, our Media Manager @Asorb has had to leave us. This means that we are now putting this position up for grabs again! This role entails managing the VAs YouTube and Instagram pages, making events, and creating anything media related. As this is a very demanding job, we will keep this position open for applications until we have found the perfect candidate.

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Staff Position(s) Open

Media Manager - The responsibilities are as follows: Design Event threads, Design new and innovative banners/art to add to our website and/or thread, create a VA video, manage the VAs Instagram and YouTube account etc. Basically, everything digital and media based.

If you are interested, please PM @Transport_Hub a 50-100 word paragraph explaining a bit about yourself as well as why you would be a good fit for the position.


I am sososososos sorry the media manager job didn’t work out for me when I tried it a while back ):

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Dear @Plane_Masta

No worries! Thanks for your previous application though :)


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We’ve been gone for a long while and many things have changed at SVA! Keep reading to learn about what’s happened in the past 24 days.

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Staff Members

I am proud to welcome our two new Official Singapore Virtual Staff Members to the amazing Staff Team.
We are proud to say these staff members are part of our team because of their ability to complete their job by exceeding our expectations.

Upper Management

Chief Executive Officer: @Transport_Hub [CEO] | Pranav
Chief Operating Officer: @TwinsRock88 [COO] | Mathew
Senior Advisor: @AndrewWu [SA] | Andrew

Lower Management

Media Manager: @NorAviator97 [MM] | Erik (Newest Member)
Chief Pilot: @IAmTheFuzz [CP] | Jake (Newest Member)

image Fun Fact:
Our Chief Pilot @IAmTheFuzz is actually a Boeing pilot! It’s purely because of him that we can provide wonderful manuals and realistic information on how to fly to our pilots.

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo New Crewcenter

We have also created a new CrewCenter for our fellow pilots to use. We have coded it to our exact specifications using, courtesy of @Artem_F. This is something that we’ve been waiting for a long time, and finally, we are happy to say it is ready to be used to its full capacity!

You can check out the front page regardless of whether or not you are a pilot for Singapore Virtual by clicking on the link below.

image _

Are you tempted to see more? Then join Singapore Virtual today by clicking on the “Apply Now” link below.

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo New Codeshares

With a brand new CrewCenter comes a few more codeshares. We’ve added nearly 200 additional routes to our database so that our pilots can get a taste of other airlines and their destinations. We now have over 580 routes in our database primarily featuring SVA’s fleet and routes as well as our codeshares’ fleet and routes.

Here’s a full list of our Codeshare Partners:

  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • South African Airways
  • Air China
  • Air France
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Avianca
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • FlyBe
  • Eva Air
  • Lufthansa
  • Brussels Airlines

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Singapore Centuries

The community spoke and we listened. You wanted us to take full advantage of the Douglas DC-10 Aircraft. Well, now we have a fun and exciting opportunity to fly this bird! This newly inducted program allows pilots of rank Kris Commander to fly from Singapore to 6 destinations on the Douglas DC-10 aircraft. After all, what’s better than taking a step back into history?

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Singapore Cargo

We knew that passenger flying wasn’t for everyone. Some pilots prefer flying cargo since they don’t have to care for the “comfort” of passengers. Like hauling cargo? Then Singapore Cargo is for you! Fly from Singapore to the World using our codeshare partners’ aircraft - Nippon Air Cargo Boeing 748F. Used only for precious cargo. Rank unlocked at Kris Captain.

Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Singapore Style

Dreaming of becoming a pilot for the elite? Do you fancy some luxury? Fly from Singapore to the World using the Citation X and TBM930. Used only for business travelers. Rank unlocked at Kris Commander.


With all these changes, we decided to re-make our application exam. It is now out of 40 points, which means that getting a 25 or higher means you will successfully be admitted into Singapore Virtual.

Apply Now!

image ~ image


Website is looking nice guys! Good luck!


We have now posted another event!
Go check it out and if able, join us on our flight from Hong Kong!


The newest Star Virtual Alliance Event Has Been Announced and is in the Singapore Region! Go check it out and join Singapore Virtual and all other Star Virtual Alliance VAs in a one of a kind event!

Singapore Virtual Airline Pilots receive a 2x hour multiplier for participating in this event!

Would you like to join Singapore Virtual and receive a 2x hour multiplier?
Join Us!

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Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Singapore Virtual Training Program

Hello Pilots! Singapore Virtual Airlines is happy to announce a new program that will be implemented to the Singapore Virtual Application process! The program is the Singapore Training Program in which pilots who need extra training can utilize to increase their flying skills and knowledge. The training program is run by @IAmTheFuzz who will guide pilots step by step all the way up to their retake test.

As many of you know, we have a quiz for pilots before entering Singapore Virtual. We have recently felt that many pilots, although skillful in their flying, may struggle with this quiz because we implement as many real world procedures as possible, which many Infinite Flight players are never made aware of. Because of this, we have now on made it that if a pilot scores lower than a 20, they will be accepted into Singapore Virtual with the following conditions.


  • Pilot must attend the Singapore Virtual Training Program.
  • Pilot is eligible for ranking up, however, they will receive a short quiz whilst ranking up from Kris Senior Cadet to Kris Co-Pilot to ensure they have successfully completed the program.

With these conditions, we feel that we can make sure Singapore Virtual Airlines does not lower pilot quality standards but helps hold the quality standards by ensuring pilot receive the proper training.

Apply Now!


Singapore Virtual is proud to be headed to the Second Annual VARB summit alongside Delta Virtual and American Virtual!


🎉 Celebrating Nearly 3 Months Since Opening! 🎉

Virtual Airline Facts

  • 3065+ Hours of Flight Time

  • 974 PIREPs Filed

  • 13,500,000+ Miles Flown

  • 88,000+ Messages sent on Slack

  • Most Heavily flown route(s) ------------------> WSSS-WMKK & WSSS-VHHH

  • Most Heavily flown aircraft --------------------> A319 & B77W

Pilot Facts

  • 85 Applications

  • 28 Active Pilots

  • Pilot with the Most Hours --------------------> @Capt.SkyWalker (587+ Hours and growing!)

  • Most Active on Slack (last 2 weeks) -------> @Delta319

SVA Pilots have a lot of fun! Take a look at this stunning photo of a DC-10 on approach to Hong Kong Kai Tak as part of our Singapore Centuries Program! Edited by our Media Manager @NorAviator97.

For more amazing pictures, follow our Instagram! Click here! ➡ image


Congrats on 3 Months!! :)


Big Congrats from me and everyone at NWVA, glad to see such a great VA standing strong!



Thank You! Looking forward to a successful future with Singapore Virtual!


@Transport_Hub I guess, i hit the 600hrs mark. :-)


We have now posted another event!
Go check it out and if able, join us on our flight to Kai Tak!


Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Singapore Virtual’s Status Program

Hello Pilots! Singapore Virtual Airlines is happy to announce a new program that will be implemented into Singapore Virtual! The program is the Singapore Status Program in which pilots will receive special badges in recognition of completing achievements. Essentially, it’s a frequent flyer program that keeps track of a pilot’s activity and where they’ve flown to with SVA. For example, a pilot will receive ELITE Status if they land or takeoff from all 6 continents. To earn SILVER Status, our pilots have to fly every aircraft in the SVA fleet including codeshare liveries.

With this new program, we feel that it will allow our pilots to visit destinations they’ve never been to before on aircraft they’ve never flown before.

Singapore Airlines in real life has also been voted the best airline of 2018 and we are proud to say that our pilots believe we are the best VA of 2018! So why not apply and join the professionalism?

Apply Now!


Sinapore%20Airlines%20Logo Singapore Virtual: Sailing Westbound!

Welcome to an all-new event series presented by Singapore Virtual! Beginning at our home base in Singapore, our pilots will journey west every Tuesday, with routes varying in length and aircraft. We will hop over Asia to Europe, Africa, South America, up to North America, across the pond to Oceania then back to Singapore Changi. This event will feature SVA aircraft, SQ codeshares, as well as a variety of Star Alliance aircraft including the Air India 747 and Star Alliance 757!

Apply Now!

This event series has no affiliation to the DLVA “Soaring Around the World” series presented by @mwe2187


Looks great @Transport_Hub! VA Staff coming together with great ideas means that there are going to be VA’s that host some great events at the same time, and potentially running into each other along the way ;)


3 of our pilots hold short for takeoff

4 of our pilots line up for takeoff

a smooth touchdown by one of our stellar pilots

Our first flight in our new event series Sailing Westbound went smoothly as we left Changi for Bangkok. Next up on our flight list is Delhi!

Why not join in on the fun?