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Singapore Virtual has partnered with @FBWFTW to release an event with virtualBlue! We head from the sunny Fort Lauderdale up to the Big Apple to experience Christmas in all its beauty.

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How can I join?


I’d recommend using the Join Us link is big blue letters at the top of the thread. Or using this link


I did the test


We thank you for your enthusiasm for wanting to join Singapore Virtual. We will review your application when possible and in the case that you pass expect to hear back from us. Please keep in mind if you failed the test you will not hear back.

Thank you, Have a wonderful rest of the day.


Thank you I hope all went well

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Sailing Westbound - Leg #6!

Singapore Virtual has restarted its “Sailing Westbound” series after a couple months of deciding the ideal time for weekly events. This week, we headed from Cairo in Egypt up to Munich in Germany in the EgyptAir 737-800.

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I joined this VA yesterday to see if @Transport_Hub was all talk about his VA or not.

When I joined, I was greeted by like 20 people and there must have been 200 messages sent in the slack within the first 10 minutes of me being there.

Within my 12 hours in Singapore Virtual, I’ve seen upwards of 5 group flights of 3 or more pilots and more then 25 flight logs logged.

All in all, I’d highly recommend joining SVA. You won’t be upset about your decision (except for that Singapore doesn’t have full HD Scenery).

Congrats SVA and I’m proud to be apart of the team


Awesome @Balloonchaser

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It is with sad news that @NorAviator97 has had to step down from the position of Media Manager at the prestigious Singapore Virtual, citing increased workload in his life.

He wishes to say the following: “I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone here in SVA, for getting the chance to be your MM manager, but also for all the great moments together. It has truly been an honor, but I am afraid that I don`t have the capacity to continue! I wish everyone here and the VA all the best! See you in the skies!”

We wish him the best with his future endeavors. You will be dearly missed at Singapore Virtual.

Taking over his role is @Hani_Freij! He hails from the Middle East, is a member of IFATC and has been recognized numerous times here on the IFC for his amazing talent at editing photos! All future edited photos on our instagram will be by Mr. Freij, and we look forward to working with him 🙌

From @NorAviator97 … to @Hani_Freij

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Singapore Virtual is proud to receive the “Best Virtual Airline Website” at the 2018 Infinite Flight Community Awards. We would like to extend our thank you to all who voted for us, and although we are overly ecstatic about receiving this award, we would like to make it clear that the staff team is truly shocked without words of how we could have won. We believe that although we won the IFC awards, there are other VA Websites that are truly much better than ours.

We would like to this time to acknowledge one VA in particular, whose website changed, and will continue to change the VA community. @Delta_Virtual has created a website from scratch with the help of an expert coder and designer, which includes never-before seen features. @mwe2187 for one has been an inspiration for Singapore Virtual to strive for success despite our terrain & fleet limitations. We would like to acknowledge the hours of work that the Delta Virtual staff team have put into this outstanding website and we would like to put them in the spotlight.

Please check out their website here:

In our minds, the DLVA team really do deserve this award.

Approved by @Transport_Hub & the rest of the staff team at SVA




It is with sad news that @IAmTheFuzz has had to step down from the position of Chief Pilot, citing increased workload in his aviation work-life.

"To all my fellow Singapore Virtual Airlines Pilots,
It’s been a great pleasure serving as your Chief Pilot for these last months. As you may or may not know, I have recently taken a new position within [work] that requires a lot more of my time and it’s time I have to spend away from serving the Singapore Virtual Airlines. I will point out that my departure from the Chief Pilot position is not a departure from the SVA! We’ve grown from 15 to 60 active pilots during my tenure as CP and I am excited to see how the VA continues to grow. I would like to thank @Transport_Hub for his guidance in the world of Virtual Airlines. Also a big thank you to @TwinsRock88 & @xxFuryxx who have been crucial to the VA and have been great friends to me also. I wish you all the very best in your Virtual and Real World Aviation dreams, and hope to speak to you all regularly with any questions you may have, or just in general! Shoot me a message anytime and I’ll answer it as soon as I can :)

Forever Buttery,

We wish him all the best with his future career!

Taking over his role is @macharyone! He has shown exceptional skills at flying and is known for his stellar communication skills. We look forward to producing more events, both for the IFC and internally, for everyone to enjoy and be a part of.

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All the best @IAmTheFuzz thanks for everything man. @macharyone it’s been awesome flying with you and I know you going to be the best, wishing you the best in your new position


Thankyou all for the welcoming messages! I really look forward to beginning my new role as Chief Pilot here at SVA! Can’t wait to get up there and start flying with everyone!




Our next installment of Soaring Sundays has been out for several days now! Check it out as we say goodbye to our dear friend @NorAviator97 by flying in his home country of Norway!

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Hey! I’d like to ask how to apply for a position. I’ve gone online and done the quiz and application and got 29/40. How would I know if I qualify?


Just wait, I’m sure they’ve received your application 😊


al rightie, thanks for your help!!

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We will get back to you soon. Many of our staff are busy studying for midterms right now.




Have you seen our most recent installment of Soaring Sundays? This week we are headed to the sandy region of the middle east! Come join us in this amazing flight from Dubai to Cairo.