Singapore Virtual: Old Thread 3.0



Have you seen our most recent installment of Soaring Sundays? This week we are headed to the sandy region of the middle east! Come join us in this amazing flight from Dubai to Cairo.




Have you checked out our most recent Event? This week we are partnering with @DeltaVirtual for the ultimate event! Come and join Singapore Virtual and Delta Virtual in a never before seen event.


Hi Singapore Virtual,

Are you guys still active in IF? Im looking forward for the response and reply from the application.

Hope you guys are active virtually.


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They are active!

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Hello! Yes we are active.

Please give us 6-24hrs to go through your application and if you passed the test you will hear back from us!


Awesome, nonetheless, looking forward to join you guys. fingerscrossed 😅


Sailing Westbound - The End!

All good things must come to an end. Singapore Virtual has just arrived back in Singapore after an 18-week adventure sailing westbound 'round the world. We had an epic surprise meet up with @DeltaVirtual in Cairo, and visited places Singapore Virtual would have never been able to experience, such as Iceland & Hawaii.

Our next weekly series will begin after our anniversary on April 23, but to keep hopes high, here’s a teaser of what is to come 😉


Interested in Joining?

Apply Now!


Ooh! SJC involved?


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What’s TRM lol

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TRM is a slight typo, which is meant to say TR. TR is the IATA code for Scoot Airlines, part of the Singapore Airlines Group.

Maybe :)

I applied and got 23/40 did I pass

Hello @Swiftlings_17!

Congrats on passing our examination. Please allow us 24-48 hours to process the application.

We look forward to having you aboard our team. Thanks for choosing Singapore Virtual :)


Yay, Is there differnet hours u have to get to fly the 787 scoot

@Swiftlings_17 yes, you will need to fly for a certain amount of hours before you unlock the 787 aircraft.

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Am I in the VA
When I am can I have the URL of the slack

Nice, convinced me enough to join.

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Check your PM @Swiftlings_17 :)

Thank you for your interest @FL_350. Hope to see you join soon!


Final Countdown: Giveaway

Have you checked out our Instagram recently? We are on our final countdown to our giveaway winner being announced at the following time: 2019-04-23T21:00:00Z.

If you haven’t yet entered, now’s your final chance! Let’s kick off SVA’s anniversary tomorrow with pomp, splendor…and a hat 😜


🎉 Singapore Virtual: Celebrating a New Year🎉

Singapore Virtual Airlines is proud to be celebrating our one year anniversary, today on April 23rd, 2019. We started operations on April 23rd of 2018, after receiving IFVARB approval in early April of 2018.

In celebration of this new milestone, the Singapore Virtual staff team has been hard at work in preparing our next major update to our VA. We pride ourselves on our continous request for pilot feedback and input to help us ensure we are providing our pilots with what they believe will benefit their experience here at Singapore Virtual. This is why we have decided to announce 4 new updates for our pilots to enjoy.

New Integrated Website & CrewCenter:

We have officially released our new crewcenter, integrated within our website. Pilots can log in and find all their required information for their flight preparations, such as the route database, flight planners, and other materials. The new website provides prospective members with a clear understanding of who we are, our mission, and why Singapore Virtual would be a good fit for them.

Our New Website:

New Staff Member: Routes Manager

The Singapore Virtual airlines staff team is proud to announce the newest addition to our staff team, @Yacht, who will be taking the role of Routes Manager. He will play a crucial role in the operation and up keeping of our entire route database to ensure we maintain the most current route database for all of our pilots to enjoy. We would like to congratulate him for his undeniable continuous commitment to Singapore Virtual and his success in becoming our new staff member!

New Weekly Event Series
Recently, our sailing westbound weekly series concluded as we arrived back in our home base of Singapore. We are proud to announce our next series that our pilots will get the opportunity to enjoy, being difficult approaches! Every week we will visit a famed airport that is known for its difficult arrival procedures. This program will be lead and run by our Chief Pilot, @macharyone. Our first two airports include LFKC and LPMA.

New Codeshare: Air New Zealand
We are proud to announce our newest codeshare route addition - Air New Zealand! With this new codeshare, our pilots can now enjoy the beautiful oceanic region in a way that was never possible before. Air New Zealand codeshares (SQ42xx) will be unlocked at the Kris Senior Captain rank.

We’d like to end off by saying thank you to some of our most loyal pilots at Singapore Virtual, as well as showcasing a year of accomplishments.

Virtual Airline Facts

  • 85 Active Pilots
  • 700+ Routes
  • 200+ Destinations
  • 12000+ Hours of Flight Time
  • 7258 PIREPs Filed
  • 67,000,000+ Miles Flown
  • 353,000+ Messages sent on Slack
  • Most Flown Route: WSSS-WMKK
  • Top 3 Pilots with the Most Hours:
Callsign Name Flight Time
SVA0036 @Capt.SkyWalker 1890:20
SVA0307 @Emmanuel_Mgilane 1882:41
SVA0778 @Wei_Kang 1510:52

Once again, thank you all for the amazing support, and we look forward to many more successful years to come! Check out our new thread here: