Singapore Virtual: Official Thread || One Year Anniversary!


Announcement: Staff Changes

This announcement has been a long time coming and is one that is filled with sadness and also a hope for the future. Today, June 3, 2019, our CEO, @Transport_Hub is officially announcing his resignation after dedicating over 1 year of nonstop hard work to help Singapore Virtual grow to what it is today. Singapore Virtual is one of the best VAs thanks to his outstanding commitment to constantly innovate and improve Singapore Virtual.

With the resignation of Transport Hub, the executive staff team has decided to make a few major staff decisions that we believe will benefit Singapore Virtual. The executive team now consists of board members and we are proud to announce that @macharyone has moved up to the executive board, making him the third member of the executive board.

Executive Team

Senior Advisor: @AndrewWu
Chief Operating Officer: @TwinsRock88
Chief Pilot: @macharyone

After talking with the executive team, we have decided to hire @Edivan_dcds as Event Manager to take the role of running all internal and external events. We are proud that he will be joining the staff team as he as shown continuous commitment to Singapore Virtual.

Management Team

Media Manager: @NorAviator97
Route Manager: @Yacht
Event Manager: @Edivan_dcds

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I just passed the test :) im really exiciting for this😁


Can’t wait to have you here!


Hello there,

Have you checked your mailbox for receiving any Slack invitations?
Give it a try to look in your spam box.

-Event Manager


Hello! Expect a delay due to the fact that most of the executive team is away. Thank you for your patience.

  • Chief Operating Officer

Excited to join!
Just waitin on that mail.


Hi there. I applied on Saturday evening and I am still waiting to hear back from you. Please DM me or reply to this post if there is anything that you need to tell me. Thanks!

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Could you please check you spam box?
As mentioned before, the staff team is busy at the moment and will respond to you application as soon as we can.




Will do! I completely understand that you might be understaffed during the European summer. I just wanted to check. Thanks!




We have our next Scenic Skyways event on the program! Explore the up to date scenery, which has just been released to Infinite Flight, and an active airport that might take control of the incoming traffic are both a reason to put Singapore in the spotlights! It’s a pleasure to have our Indonesian friends joining with us to admire this part of the planet!

Get a gate through the link and we’ll see you at WADD in a short time!

Interested in Joining?

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Who is your ceo? I would like to contact you

Our CEO has retired, so your best bet would be @TwinsRock88 who is the COO.


I just applied (by this I mean yesterday bit late to this lol), can’t wait to get started with you guys :)

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Excited to join!! :)

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