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The Official Singapore Virtual Airlines Thread


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Here at Singapore Virtual Airlines, we strive to provide pilots with a professional environment, and most importantly, we aim to provide our pilots with the best and most fun experience possible. Singapore Virtual Airlines provides our pilots with a large variety of liveries and destinations to choose from. Our pilots are able to explore all of the world with one of the best fleets possible and one of the best destination maps.

Singapore Virtual Airlines is based at WSSS (Singapore Changi International Airport). Come explore the world from Asia! SVA flies to over 100 international destinations in over 50 countries on six continents from both its primary hub in Singapore and our codeshare hubs in France, England, Africa and more! We feature over 900 routes in our database.

Our pilots at Singapore Virtual Airlines are given the chance to fly many different liveries such as Silk Air, Scoot Airlines, Tigerair, and Singapore Airlines. With these many liveries our pilots have an immense pilot ranking system to reward them in their constant flying.

Kris Cadet Trainee

Silk Air Pilot
Upon joining Singapore Virtual, pilots will have access to the A319 (SilkAir), A320 (Generic), and 737-800 (Generic)

Kris Cadet Pilot

Scoot Air Short-Haul Pilot
Upon reaching 10 hours, pilots will gain access to the A319 (TigerAir) and A320 (Generic)

Kris Senior Cadet

Singapore Air Backlit
Upon reaching 20 hours, pilots will gain access to the A330-300 (Singapore Airlines)

Kris Co-Pilot

Singapore Air Pilot
Upon reaching 40 hours, pilots will gain access to the B777-200ER (Generic)

Kris Senior Co-Pilot

Singapore Air Long-Haul Pilot
Upon reaching 60 hours, pilots will gain access to the B777-300ER (Singapore Airlines)

Kris Captain

Scoot Air Long-Haul Pilot
Upon reaching 100 hours, pilots will gain access to the 787-8 (Generic) and 787-9 (Scoot)

Kris Senior Captain

Singapore Air Ultra Long-Haul Pilot
Upon reaching 140 hours, pilots will gain access to the 787-10 (Singapore Airlines)

Kris Commander

Singapore Air Ultra Long-Haul Pilot
Upon reaching 200 hours, pilots will gain access to the A380-800 (Singapore Airlines)

Singapore Virtual Mainline Fleet

Airbus A319-100

Airbus A320-200

Boeing 737-800

Airbus A330-300

Boeing 777-200ER

Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 787-8

Boeing 787-9

Boeing 787-10

Airbus A380-800

Codeshare Partners

In addition to our SQ, SLK, and TRM fleets above, we also feature codeshare routes which our pilots can fly. For more information about codeshare routes, restrictions, and how to file PIREPs, refer to the pilot handbook which is given when you join Singapore Virtual. This section is updated frequently as more and more codeshare routes are added.

  • Eva Airlines
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Swiss Airlines
  • EgyptAir
  • SAS
  • South African Airways
  • Air China
  • Air France
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Avianca
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • FlyBe
  • jetBlue
  • Lufthansa
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines

Branch Programs!

Singapore Cargo

Like hauling cargo? Then Singapore Cargo is for you! Fly from Singapore to the World using our codeshare partners’ aircraft - Nippon Air Cargo Boeing 748F. Used only for precious cargo. Rank unlocked at Kris Captain.

Singapore Centuries

This newly inducted program allows pilots of rank Kris Commander to fly from Singapore to 6 destinations on the Douglas DC-10 aircraft. After all, what’s better than taking a step back into history?

Singapore Style

Do you fancy some luxury? Fly from Singapore to the World using the Citation X and TBM 930. Used only for business travelers. Rank unlocked at Kris Commander.
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Here at Singapore Virtual, we promote realistic and professional flying, as well as reward those that show loyalty and dedication to the VA. Singapore Status is a program where pilots receive special badges in recognition of completing achievements. Essentially, it’s a frequent flyer program that keeps track of a pilot’s activity and where they’ve flown with SVA. For example, a pilot will receive an Elite Status if they land or takeoff from all 6 continents. To earn a Silver Status, our pilots have to fly every aircraft in the SVA fleet including codeshare liveries.This program encourages our pilots to visit destinations they’ve never been to before on aircraft they’ve never flown.

Our staff positions here are split up into two divisions, Upper Management, and Lower Management. Within each division, there are several staff positions that dictate the role of the staff member.

Upper Management

Chief Operating Officer: @TwinsRock88 | Mathew
Senior Advisor: @xxFuryxx | Andrew
Chief Pilot @macharyone | Jack

Lower Management

Media Manager: @NorAviator97 | Erik
Routes Manager: @Yacht | Sam
Event Manager: @Edivan_dcds | Edivan


Come join the Singapore Family and fly for one of the world’s five star airlines.

Why You Should Join:

  • Large fleet with a variety of aircraft from small to large and a variety of liveries from around the world.
  • An amazing route system with a website that provides pilots with information about major destinations.
  • Global Route Network
  • Modern Integrated Crew Center

Requirements to become a pilot at Singapore Virtual:

  • Access to our communication app, Slack.
  • Meet the minimum age requirement of 12 years old
  • Must have access to the Training Server (Grade 2+)
  • Must be a member of IFC and in good standing on this community discourse
  • Must take the written examination and pass with a 20/40

After you have taken the written test, please allow a staff member 24-48 hours to PM you on IFC with the link to join our Slack.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to PM @Transport_Hub or any of the other staff members at Singapore Virtual. See you in the skies!


Fantastic thread! Nice work. ;)


Welcome, beautiful work you did with the video.


Our outstanding media manager, @NorAviator97, deserves all the credit!


Excellent work on the thread. Congratulations on One Year Singapore Virtual!


Very good work, congrats on the anniversary guys!


I know him, good edition you did bud @NorAviator97 , congratulations


Congratulations guys, great to see VAs in the community making it to milestones like this. Here’s to many more years.


Thank you very much! Very glad you liked it! 😄


Absolutely awesome well done to @NorAviator97


Thank you! 😄


Thanks everyone for the kind support!



I never thought this would be such an active and wonderful VA. I joined my first VA since last February which was Singapore virtual. I’m really impressed by the people in here. I experience them like my friends which I never thought that would happen. Those people really invest their free time to keep this VA up.

This VA uses a lot of aircraft and has many different codeshares. This is maybe one of the reasons why I still play IF.

Congratulations with your anniversary! I’m waiting for next year 3x multiplier:) 😜


I really enjoy be there :)


Thank you @Edivan_dcds!

Glad to hear you like it :)


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Singapore Virtual has partnered with the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board to release an event! We fly-out of Changi Airport in all its glory to a multitude of destinations, including Dubai, Newark, and Kuala Lumpur.

Interested in Joining?

Apply Now!


I applied! Canada 001 and in game is CanadianAviator.

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Glad to hear! We hope to see you aboard soon, as soon as one of our staff get a chance to process your application :)


Just applied, I think I passed. There’s an issue with my profile link that I’m getting fixed soon!

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Great thread guys! :)