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Since its founding in 2018, Singapore Virtual has aimed to provide a professional, welcoming space for our pilots. With a close-knit pilot environment in our slack and close to 800 routes and codeshares, any pilot is sure to find that we precisely represent our motto:

Singapore Virtual uses a streamlined, integrated crew center with its route database in AirTable for reliable and simple flight logging without sacrificing functionality. We hold in-house events weekly, featuring a wide variety of routes using a wide variety of aircraft across the globe, and we have recently extended the program to feature pilot-chosen events. We also feature our Singapore Status program, a frequent-flyer program for pilots who have climbed through and above the reaches of our rank system.

As a representative of one of the world’s finest airlines, we are always aiming higher to embody the Singapore Airlines Group.


Singapore Virtual functions with a two-person administrative staff team, all of whom have more than a year of experience managing virtual airlines, Singapore, and others.

Chief Executive Officer - M1llard ( @M1llard )

Chief Operating Officer - Shinn ( @shinncantbutter )

Senior Advisor - iJazzyman ( @iJazzyman )

Director of Flight Operations - Vacant

Director of Public Relations - Vacant

Director of Events - Vacant


Singapore Virtual features eleven different aircraft in three different liveries in its mainline fleet, four in-branch programs, and many more codeshares.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Cargo
Singapore Centuries
Singapore Style

Aegean Airlines || Aegean Virtual
Air Canada || Air Canada Virtual
Air China || Air China Virtual
Air New Zealand || White Cloud Virtual
Asiana Airlines || Asiana VA
Avianca || Avianca Virtual Group
Brussels Airlines || Lufty Virtual Group
EgyptAir || EgyptAir Virtual
Ethiopian Airlines || Ethiopian Virtual
LOT Polish Airlines || LOT Virtual
Lufthansa || Lufty Virtual Group
Scandinavian Airlines || SAS Virtual Group
South African Airways || South African VA
Swiss Airlines || Suisse Virtual
Jet Blue || Virtual Blue
Turkish Airlines || Turkish Airlines Virtual
United Airlines || United Virtual

Air France || Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Airbus Industry || Airbus Virtual
Alaskan Airlines || Alaska Virtual
Garuda Indonesia || Garuda Indonesia Virtual
Malaysia Airlines || Malaysia Airlines Virtual
Nippon Cargo
Southwest Airlines || Southwest Virtual Airlines


Singapore Virtual features eight pilot ranks up to 200 hours.

Cadet Trainee Cadet Pilot Senior Cadet First Officer Senior First Officer Captain Senior Captain Commander
0 - 25 Hours 25 - 50 Hours 50 - 75 Hours 75 - 125 Hours 125 - 200 Hours 200 - 350 Hours 350 - 500 Hours Over 500 Hours
Singapore B738 Scoot A320 Family Singapore A333 Scoot B787 Family (<7Hrs) Singapore B77W Scoot 787 Family (>7Hrs) Singapore B78X and A359 Singapore A388


Singapore Status is a frequent flyer program aimed at Kris Commanders.

Your career as a Singapore Virtual Pilot does not end here!

Singapore Status is an exclusive frequent flyer program designed to reward our most distinguished pilots. Modeled after Singapore Airlines’ Krisflyer Program, Singapore Status consists of 4 levels of statuses - Elite, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (PPS), modeled after Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. After pilots have achieved the rank of Kris Commander, they can continue progressing their careers to obtain each status by completing a certain objective.

Elite Silver Gold Platinum
Fly to all continents served Fly all aircraft (including codeshares) Fly to select markets worldwide Fly to all destinations on any three continents

Pilots who are not Kris Commander are eligible to start working on their status. However, they cannot receive the status until they achieve the rank of Commander .


Singapore Virtual holds weekly in-house events featuring a wide variety of aircraft and routes.

Every weekend, Singapore Virtual holds an in-house event. Half of these events are staff chosen; however, every other week, pilots who have attended previous events are eligible to be randomly chosen to pick the week’s event. They are also given the privilege to lead the event.

Image Courtesy of: @AndreIndonesia73

Image Courtesy of: @Jello


Apply to Singapore Virtual here .

The application process is as follows:

  1. Applicant fills out the application and takes the test (on Google Form). A passing score is 30/40 or above. If the applicant scores lower than 30/40, they can try applying again in two weeks. DO NOT retake the test immediately if you fail. This will result in your application being ignored. Applicants will also not be contacted if they fail to meet the requirements/fail the test.
  2. Assuming the applicant passes the test, they will receive a link to join the slack from a member of staff. Applications are checked multiple times per week and should take no longer than 72 hours to be processed. If applicant does not receive a IFC message, please do send @Singapore_Virtual, @iJazzyman and @M1llard a message and we will get back to you.
  3. The applicant will join our discord server via the link given, where they will be given information on the initial proceedings of the VA.
  4. Pilots will be put through a checkride program before they may begin logging hours for the VA. This checkride evaluates the ability of the pilot to handle different scenarios they may encounter, such as controlled airspaces. The nature of this checkride will vary based on the grade of the pilot and their entry exam score. A pilot who passes checkride will be given any pointers applicable and can begin logging hours for the VA. A pilot who fails checkride will be given pointers applicable and can try again in three days. All pilots will have to go through the checkride process regardless of affiliations. (Only after passing the checkrides will pilots be allowed to request for their callsigns and CrewCentre accounts.)

If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of our staff members.


Amazing thread SVA! Very glad to be a pilot in SVA.

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Just joined SVA, can’t wait to begin my journey with this amazing VA!

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Glad to have you as our pilot and partnership with LOT VA!


This is a very nice thread @Singapore_Virtual


What a great thread. Proud to be part of SVA!


Your Thread looks absolutely amazing guys we at VGVA are really glad we can share a partnership with your VA

COO | Virgin Virtual Group


Wonderful thread once again!! Still have the same amount of love for this VA since the beginning of my SVA career!!


Amazing thread guys!! Proud of you all! ❤️✈️


Nice thread. I’m proud to be a Pilot for SVA 🤩🤩🤩

We are proud to have a pilot like you as well!


This actually makes me want to be re-buy an IF sub and apply for this airline! I feel like this thread is an amazing representation of Singapore Airlines IRL. Nice job guys!


Thanks and we hope to see you onboard with us soon!


beautiful thread <3

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VA Updates


We’re excited to announce a move to a new communication platform for our pilots.

We have been using Slack since our inception in 2018 and due to popular demand and more VAs transiting over to Discord, the team have decided to follow suit.

We also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Interested to join us? Click on the link below.

Join Us


Nice to see you guys are going to discord now. Merry Christmas and a happy new year


Hi @Capt.SkyWalker,

We missed you here at SVA! Hope you will be back soon. If you wish to be in the discord server do let us know and we will get you an invite link!

Singapore Virtual Airlines


Sure2x, No Problem. I missed you too guys. It’s been a while.


Glad to be partners with Singapore Virtual! We are looking forward to flying some of your flights!


Noah Wills
CEO @WhiteCloudVirtual


Glad to be partners with you as well. Hopefully we can come up with an event soon.


Singapore Virtual Airlines