Singapore Virtual | A Great Way To Fly | Official 2020 Thread

Sure, we’ll PM with your results soon


Thank you!


It’s great here in SVA!


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I freaking love flying for this VA! This VA is very organized with everything they do!


Hi @Singapore_Virtual if I make an application will I get a PM telling me if I made it in or not?

Hi there, @Infiniteflight2! If you made it in, you will receive a PM within 48 hours.

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If I didn’t make it in then would you still tell me?

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According to this sentence, they won’t tell you. If you don’t receive any reply within 48 hours, consider it as a rejection and work hard and try again later :)

Also don’t demotivate yourself if you are rejected ;)


That would be correct. I believe the test shows your score at the end (or at least there is an option to) so you might already have a good idea.

However…check your PM box @Infiniteflight2 😁


Just applied, can’t wait to be part of SVA :)


The past year, we as staff members have become increasingly busy with a variety of commitments and preparation for major milestones, such as University. With such a workload, we as a staff have felt that it is time to onboard new staff members who have a new perspective and enthusiasm to continue developing the VA and growing it far beyond what it is today.

In doing so, we as a board of staff members are sad to announce the resignation of all four current staff members. @AndrewWu, @TwinsRock88, @Yacht, and @Edivan_dcds will all be stepping down due to increased pressures from our lives. We are incredibly grateful for this amazing community and will continue to be available but in a different light. All of us have been part of SVA since the very beginning, either as pilots or staff members, and have loved every second of it. Unfortunately, it is time, that we step away.

However, this isn’t a completely sad occasion. We are proud to introduce your two new staff members who will be taking the stage and leading SVA for the foreseeable future. In our place, @iJazzyman will be taking over as CEO, with @MQthederp as his COO. We are incredibly confident that they will put all their effort into this new role and will do the best possible job.

Once again, thank you for this amazing opportunity and we wish you all very best.

Our Official Resignation Letters:


Nice thread @Singapore_Virtual just Applied

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Thanks to @AndrewWu @TwinsRock88 @Yacht @Edivan_dcds and of course the one who started this all @Transport_Hub for giving me this chance to lead this wonderful VA to new heights and to build on what the current team has done.

I have been in this VA since its beginnings (p.s I’m the 21st person to apply to this VA) and have seen how the staff team have built this VA from a small and unknown VA to a VA that everyone knows the moment you say SVA (Best VA! Come join us). Now it’s my turn to bring this VA to a whole new level and my team will do our best to make it happen.

I would also like to take this chance to let everyone know that we will be open to feedback on how we can improve and do better.



Im so glad to be a part of this VA…


Very realistic VA! Keep going!!


Codeshare Announcment

image image

We are very excited to announce that we have formed a codeshare partnership with @LOT-Virtual. SVA pilots now have access to routes from Warsaw and beyond! Check out their here



Is this VA still active? I submitted an app!


Yes, SVA is still active

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I joined SVA after seeing this thread and you should consider the VA for sure, the staff are amazing, you get beautiful planes and it is well run, Join SVA!


I have already applied through the form.