Singapore Virtual | A Great Way To Fly | Official 2020 Thread

Hope to see you in our slack soon!


You absolutely should! I am part of it and I love it!

Hi I am interested to join SVA. Do I just apply?

Yep! Just apply from the website and they will contact you soon.

Hope to see you flying with SVA in the near future!

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Alright got it

I have applied I’ll look forward to seeing you and the rest of the staff!

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Very nice, very nice… I’m not staff at SVA. I’m just another pilot at SVA only :)

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Oh ok thanks for all that help! How would I know I have been recruited

BTW ru a IFATC staff?

No, why leh?

Just asking also how I know I’m recruited

I’m not the one who you should ask since I’m not applying for IFATC. You can check with @TheAviationGallery though. He’s part of IFATC, so he should know the procedures.

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I mean recruited by SVA

One of the staffs will contact you privately.

Oh ok thanks see you again

What is your call sign?

Our callsign is 9V-abc

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Alright thank you so it’s not SVA?

We are SVA but the new update doesn’t allow us to use SVA in our callsign, so 9V-abc it is

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Hi there, I just applied but don’t check my emails regularly. Is there any way someone could PM me instead?

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