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Since its founding in 2018, Singapore Virtual has aimed to provide a professional, welcoming space for our pilots.

The newest rendition of the VA is no different. With a close-knit pilot environment in our slack and 730 routes and codeshares, any pilot is sure to find that we precisely represent our motto, A Great Way To Fly. Singapore Virtual continues to use a streamlined, integrated crew center with its bases in AirTable for reliable and simple flight logging without sacrificing functionality. We hold in-house events weekly, featuring a wide variety of routes using a wide variety of aircraft across the globe, and we have recently extended the program to feature pilot-chosen events. We also feature our Singapore Status program, a frequent-flyer program for pilots who have climbed through and above the reaches of our rank system. As a representative of one of the world’s finest airlines, we are always aiming higher to better embody the weighty name of the Singapore Group.

Singapore Virtual functions with a four-person staff team, all of whom have more than a year of experience managing virtual airlines, Singapore and others.

CEO - Andrew (@AndrewWu)

COO - Mathew (@TwinsRock88)

Chief Pilot - Sam (@Yacht)

Routes Manager - Edivan (@Edivan_dcds)

Singapore Virtual features eleven different aircraft in three different liveries in its mainline fleet, as well as four in branch programs and many more in codeshares.



These aircraft are the backbone of operation of Singapore Virtual.

The A330-300 flies primarily short and medium hauls throughout mainland Asia, and also into Australia.

The A350-900 operates an incredibly wide range of flights for Singapore, from quick hops between commercial centers, all the way up to the legendary SQ21/22, the longest regularly scheduled commercial flight.


The A380-800 serves huge markets with huge demand other aircraft would need to make multiple flights to handle, like New York, London, and Hong Kong.

The 777-200(ER) is now a legacy aircraft, retired by Singapore Airlines in April of 2020 due to the global pandemic. It will continue to be operated by Singapore Virtual as a memory of the past, flying a select set of routes of many different lengths into Asia, Europe, and Australia.

The 777-300(ER) is the backbone of the Singapore Airlines long haul fleet, flying far into Europe, North America, and Australia, and also on select high-demand routes into Asia.

The 787-10 is configured by Singapore in a high-density setup, and thus operates shorter, high demand flights.


These aircraft represent the no-frills, low cost side of the Singapore group, bringing travel to the masses.

The A319-100 primarily serves short and medium haul destinations in Southeast Asia and China. Note: TigerAir merged with Scoot in 2016.

The A320-200 serves similar markets as the A319-100, but also serves (relatively) distant markets six or more hours from Singapore.

The 787-8 serves medium and long haul destinations in Asia and Europe.

The 787-9 serves the same markets as the 787-8, in addition to the large cities in the Australian market.


These aircraft, soon to be painted in the Singapore livery, are the regional division of the Singapore Group.

The A319-100 serves regional markets in Southeast and East Asia.

The A320-200 serves the same markets as the A319-100.

The 737-800 serves more distant destinations, including northern Australian cities.

Branch Programs

Singapore Cargo

Singapore Virtual brings cargo to the table courtesy of ANA Virtual. This branch program features current and legacy Singapore Cargo routes, flying the Nippon Cargo 747-8F. Routes included in this program generally include multiple stops and cross multiple continents. Unlocked at Kris Captain (100-140 Hours)

Singapore Centuries

Singapore Virtual honors the legacy of the DC10, retired in 1983. Through this branch program, pilots can take the DC10 on its historic routes including the infamous Kai Tak. Unlocked at Kris Commander (200+ Hours).

Singapore Style

Singapore, as one of Asia’s great commerce hubs, attracts a lot of business traffic. Under this branch program, pilots can, once a month, fly a three legged flight that originates from, terminates in, or passes through Singapore using the Citation X and/or the TBM-930. Unlocked at Kris Commander (200+ Hours).




Star Alliance Partners

Air China
Air New Zealand
Asiana Airlines
Brussels Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Scandinavian Airlines
South African Airways
Swiss International Airlines
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines

Other Codeshare Partners

Air France
Alaska Airlines
FlyBe (Legacy Routes)
Garuda Indoneisa
Southwest Airlines

Singapore Virtual features eight pilot ranks up to 200 hours.

Cadet Trainee Cadet Pilot Senior Cadet Co-Pilot Senior Co-Pilot Captain Senior Captain Commander
0-10 Hours 10-20 Hours 20-40 Hours 40-60 Hours 60-100 Hours 100-140 Hours 140-200 Hours Over 200 Hours
SilkAir Scoot A320 Family Singapore A333 Singapore B772 Singapore B77W Scoot 787 Family Singapore B78X and A359 Singapore A388

Singapore Status is a frequent flyer program aimed at Kris Commanders.

Singapore Status consists of four separate statuses, Elite, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (PPS), modeled after Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. To obtain each status, pilots must complete a certain objective.

Elite Silver Gold Platinum
Fly to all continents served Fly all aircraft (including codeshares) Fly to select markets worldwide Fly to all destinations on any two continents

Pilots who are not Kris Commander are eligible to start working on their statuses, however they can not receive the status until they achieve Commander.

Singapore Virtual holds weekly in-house events featuring a wide variety of aircraft and routes.

Every weekend, Singapore Virtual holds an in-house event. Half of these events are staff chosen, however, every other week, pilots who have attended previous events are eligible to be randomly chosen to pick the week’s event. They are also given the privilege to lead the event.

Check out a video made by @AndrewWu featuring our recent event flight to Paro here.

Singapore Virtual is introducing a career mode in this update.

Pilots striving for more realism are now able to fly in career mode. At the start of every week, members of staff will select a progression of 4-10 routes, depending on route length. These routes will connect (one will take off where the previous lands), and pilots may log a completed journey for a bonus in flight time.

Apply to Singapore Virtual here.

The application process will look something like the following:

  1. Applicant fills out the application and takes the test (on Google Form). A passing score is a 20/40 or above. If the applicant scores lower than a 20/40, they can try applying again in three months. Do not retake the test immediately if you fail.
  2. Assuming the applicant passes the test, they will receive a link to join the slack from a member of staff. Applications are checked multiple times per week and should take no longer than 48 hours to be processed.
  3. The applicant joins the slack, where they will be given information via Greetbot on initial proceedings of the VA, and given their badge.
  4. Pilots will be put through a checkride program before they may begin logging hours for the VA. This checkride evaluates the ability of the pilot to handle different scenarios they may encounter, such as controlled airspaces. The nature of this checkride will vary based on the grade of the pilot and their entry exam score. A pilot who passes checkride will be given any pointers applicable and are allowed to begin logging hours for the VA. A pilot who fails checkride will be given pointers applicable and can try again in three days. Note that pilots part of institutions with more difficult entry checkrides will be exempt from this step.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to PM a staff member.


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incredible thread!


Wow Awesome! Happy to be part of this VA!


Getting stronger 💪🏻


Great Thread !!! Proud to be a Senior Captain in this amazing VA.


Great Thread as always! Thanks to the team at SVA for bringing out the best for the VA!
I have been in this VA since the start of my IF journey and it never fails to meet the expectations of the pilots. This VA will always be a great way to fly!

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I am always to be proud of this new VA. They are very welcoming and will be great for your first VA!


Proud to have been with SVA for over 1.5 years now!


Coool thread. Proud to be a part of this VA.


Proud to be a member of this VA for 1.5 years :)


Just awsome to be the part of this amazing community! I love the events, I love the system how this SVA community works.
If you want to join a Virtual Airline, that is the right place for you!! Apply now!! If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask any VA members.

Here is my promo video of the VA:


Lovin’ it for 1.25 years.


Still going strong! 💪
Very nice thread guys. It is amazing to see you guys still active. This is truly a VA i miss a lot, and it is one of the greatest VA I have ever been in. I wish you guys the very best in the near future. 🖤

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As always, love being a part of SVA. Great job guys!


Singapore Virtual Weekly Event #12

Today, pilots flew from Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS) to Singapore (WSSS), where full IFATC services were present. Here are some photos from the event!

SVA Pilots filled up half of Terminal 3 at WSSS after landing!

@Yacht rotates while @Captain_JingRan prepares for pushback

We have held weekly events every Sunday for 12 weeks straight now and don’t plan on stopping! Thank you to IFATC for the service and to every pilot that attended.


I LOVE this thread! So beautiful.


We miss you too @NorAviator97


BTW, what is the name of the font used in the Logo “Singapore Airlines Virtual”?


Singapore Sling
It is the same font as SQ’s