Singapore to New York

Route - WSSS - KJFK - WSSS
Aircraft - Airbus a359
Livery - Singapore Airlines ( Singapore 24/23 )
Server - Expert
Flight Time - 35hrs 49mins

🏳Hello IFC I hope you all are doing well.
As you all know IF is celebrating 10 year anniversary week and it started with US east coast FNF. So I did the very famous ultra long haul changi to jfk and back to changi flight. This was a very long flight covering Pacific ocean, North America, Europe, Asia. So here are 10 ss from SQ 24 and 23

1.🛫 Taking off Runway 02L🇸🇬

2.Flying over Philippines🇵🇭 at FL370


4.Flying over Alaska🇺🇸 at FL410

5.Parked at Terminal 4A Gate 03

PS-This shot with 3d airport buildings would look so cool

6.🛫 Taking off Runway 31L,KJFK for return flight to Singapore


8.🏔 Foothills of the Himalayas

9.Starting Descend

10.Landing Runway 02L,WSSS

🚩Thanks to IFATC as always for handling traffic at very busy jfk on last FNF


Amazing pics! Thanks for the share :D


Great screenshot’s ♥️


These deserve a 100/10 rating… you wouldn’t happen to do commissions, would you?

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very good the pictures.

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Thanks a lot😁

Thank you😄

Wow!! Amazing shots 😍😍

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Thanks for the comment mate. Means a lot

These are great!

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Thanks Lenza!😃

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Cheers, mate!

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Fantastic pictures! Loads of stunning scenery all around and a really cool plane as well. Thanks for sharing!

My pleasure :) It was a 35hr flight i had a lot to cover i tried to share as much as i can in these 10 ss.

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