Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

Hey Guys! A few days ago, I flew from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur in real life! Hope you enjoy some of the pics that I’m showing you today!😉😜

Boarding 9V-MGE (8 years and 2 months old)

Views from seat 56A

Air Asia to Denpasar

Singapore Changi tower spotted whilst pushback starts!


Taxiing to runway 20L

Scoot airlines 787-8 spotted!

Singapore airlines A380 spotted👀

Lining up runway 20L

Departure! Goodbye Singapore 🇸🇬

Singapore Changi airport from above at 11000ft🔥

Climbs to Cruise altitude of FL200

Spotted very interesting clouds in midair for 30 mins👀

Starting descent into KUL

On approach for Runway 32L

On final 32L

Touchdown! Welcome to Kuala Lumpur😜

Taxiing to gate!

Parked up next to a Malaysia Airlines 737🇲🇾

Thanks for Viewing all!

Until next time,



Awesome! I love planes where the wing pods are painted. Looks really nice.

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Wow beautiful!

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Thanks! Glad you liked em!😉

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Thank you!😜

Cool tripreport! I didn’t know the flight flew that low at cruising alt.


I’ve been on an almost two hour flight that never climbed above 23,000 feet. This is way shorter.

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Thanks! Yes I didn’t either😅😂

Yea! I really don’t know why the pilot went at 20000ft!
Don’t ask me! lol 😜


Amazing photos! Hope u enjoyed ur flight:)

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Thanks! Yes I did enjoy my flight! Very short though😅

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Row 56? How did they manage to squeeze in that many rows in a 737? Ryanair should definitely take a look at what these guys are doing.

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Honestly… I actually don’t know how they’ve managed to do that! Clearly showing that Singapore Airlines is wayyyy better than Ryanair🤪🤦

Looks like somewhere in the low-mid 20s to me.

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Is it just me who didn’t know Singapore Airlines has B738’s lol? It honestly looks weird seeing their livery on a narrow body. I thought they only flew widebodies.

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When I boarded this aircraft, I didn’t even know myself that Singapore Airlines had 737-800’s in their fleet lol🤣 I thought they only had 737 Max’s🤦

But I gotta say Singapore airlines 737-800 is comfortable and amazing! I think you guys should try it some day😄

If I recall correctly, SilkAir was absorbed into Singapore Airlines, explaining their 737s.

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Oooo! Fun fact right there🌍

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