Singapore to Dublin // WSSS-EIDW // Jan. 9, 2021

Singapore to Dublin // WSSS-EIDW // Jan. 9, 2021

Server: Expert
Callsign: FDX1060 Heavy
Time: 0200 Zulu - 1633 Zulu
Route: Singapore Changi (WSSS) - Dublin (EIDW)
Aircraft: Boeing 777 Freighter

Hello aviators! I recently hosted a group flight from Singapore Changi to Dublin! Accompanying me were @tjb0709, @Chicago_Aviator, @Matt001, @Pilot_Felix, @Canadian_Aviator, @Andres, and @CaptainAzriq. This was such a fun flight! Enjoy!

  1. Taxiing with the boys, with waffles ready to be shipped to Dublin (waffle idea by @Pilot_Felix).

  2. Starting our takeoff roll.

  3. Climbing out of Singapore!

  4. Climbing to our cruising altitude.

  5. Flying high above Thailand.

  6. Making some progress in the flight!

  7. More cruising over the sea.

  8. Working with IFATC Approach controllers over Ireland.

  9. Taking a moment to admire some beauty.

  10. Touching down in a packed up Dublin!

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Hope you guys enjoyed these shots! Special thanks to @tjb0709, @Chicago_Aviator, @Matt001, @Pilot_Felix, @Canadian_Aviator, @Andres, and @CaptainAzriq for joining me on this flight. Cheers!

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Sadly the waffles didn’t make it, so I threw them out of the cockpit window so they people of Dublin can enjoy waffles raining from the sky!
Great shots!


Haha. Thanks, brother. It was a pleasure having you along :)


It was a wonderful flight, marked by too many waffles haha

Amazing shots!


Thanks! It sure was a great one. It was great having you part of the group :)

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Great post @Cooper_Marcukaitis!

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Thanks! Hope the flight went well 4 u and @Chicago_Aviator

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Hello! I like your pictures and I decide to do that

It is just amazing


Well, that is just amazing to see :) Thank you!

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No problem

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The 777 Brotherhood😎

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