Singapore to Colombo | SQ468 - Singapore A359

G’day Everyone!

Recently, I flew from Singapore to Colombo in a Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900 (just like everyone else)… This flight took 3 hours and 17 minutes, at FL360 and M0.86 with a step climb to FL380 after leaving land…

The following are a few snapshots of my flight, let me know what you think!

SQ468 at Terminal 2 - Gate F28, with final call for boarding…

Liftoff! SQ468 climbing away from Singapore, on its way to Colombo - 3 hours, 17 minutes away…

Having reached FL360, SQ468 is cruising over Indonesia…

Cruising over the Bay of Bengal/Indian Ocean, SQ468 has climbed further, to FL380.

Land ho! SQ468 begins her descent into Colombo…

After 3 hours and 15 minutes, SQ468 aligns herself with the ILS for runway 04…

SQ468 on final approach into Colombo…

Touchdown! After 3 hours 17 minutes, SQ468 has landed on runway 04 at Colombo!

SQ468 offloading passengers and cargo at Gate B11 in Colombo!

Thanks for looking through my post! Let me know which photo was your favourite, and how I can improve by writing me a comment below!

Happy Flying!


The Singapope is gone 😞

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Touchdown pic😍

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Yeah, was sorta hoping for “Cathay Paciic” to accompany it… I guess not.

Yes! Definitely one of my favourites too!