Singapore to Chennai! Singapore A333

The other day again did a nice flight from WSSS to VOMM.

partly doing this because I want to see if my editing skills have improved

Aircraft and Route Details

Airline: Singapore Airkines
Aircraft: A333 (A330-300)
Route: WSSS-VOMM (Singapore-Chennai)
Flight time: 3h 30 mins
Callsign: Singapore 528
Server: Expert

Departure from Singapore

Cruising near Medan, Sumatra mountains, Indonesia. Some misty mountains in view

Moonshot whilst descending into Chennai

Landing at Chennai

Rate my editing

So I wanted to see if my editing skills have gotten better from my last topic so you can vote here (link to last topic is below poll)

  • You have gotten better, keep this up!
  • They are again over-edited, but still room for improvement!
  • Gotten slightly worse, I still say you could keep trying!
  • A lot more worse that the previous one

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No. 1 was my favorite

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Great photos!

I agree, Photo 1 was the best 👌🙂

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I like picture number 3!

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