Singapore Region | crashed, won't answer my decent request

This was one my my BEST flights I will ever do, but it got ruined since I got my idle cut and and crashed.

Tower won’t respond to my effort to decent, crashed…

Don’t know what that other plane dos, but probably crashed…
my best flight got ended with a crash 😔

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So let me get this straight…you crashed!!! Don’t worry I have some issues too where I decide to fly into mountains ;)

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No I’m pissed how the the ethiad guy that took off behind me, got to decent to to approach altitude while I got vectored to the ocean

Dang those ATC can really hate us pilots

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you pulled a Joshua huh?


Lol nice man

Sorry to heard that. I saw You on the map flying heading to Singapore intl. I was there too, way ahead of you. Didnt had issue with ATC.

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