Singapore - New York in 20 hours

Have we recovered from the Perth - London haul?

Well, here’s a new breaker: New York - Singapore in one 20 hour hop in the new A350-900 ULR.

The ULR’s range: 11,160 miles! Beat that.


@dush19 wake up let’s do it


Dang! Like Perth-London wasn’t already long enough!

Now we have Singapore-New York? What’s next?

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I just landed from the perth to London flight and it was a LONG flight and now we have this?!?! I have to do this in the A380

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It is all biz and premium, in an A350, so, shouldn’t be that bad. Really only for rich people. Hope they use JFK instead of EWR, would be an interesting sight.

To be fair that route was operated by an all business class configuration A340-500 before it got cancelled and replaced by the flight that stops by Frankfurt.

Glad to see it come back though


For regular people like us, I believe that they are still doing the Frankfurt A380 route, so, there is that option. Really missed out on not having First though, in my opinion.

Interesting fact! Was the route operated by Singapore Airlines or did another airline operate the route?

It was operated by Singapore, SQ 21 and SQ 22.

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If they did a more direct routing (straight over the pole) it would be a shorter flight at around 18hrs but I’m guessing Russian and Canadian overflight fees made that way unprofitable.

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Will it be to Newark or JFK?

What about London to Honolulu?


That’s a great idea!

We could use an A350UUULR! XD

And Hawaiian Airlines could be the first airline to have that route! :D

But seriously though, WSSS-KJFK is crazy already! XD


Is it possible if SQ use their B787-10 to do that routes?
Just curious 😉😁😀

Last time it was WSSS-KEWR just saying, hoping its like that again since i live a good 10 miles from EWR


No because the 787-10 is medium hall.


There is also Toronto to Perth that is long and may happen with the A350.

Who knows, maybe KJFK would be the destination airport.

Maybe KLGA?!

Or the old ways: back to KEWR

Only time will tell…

Yep definitely going to be KISP wink wink @RTG113 or KLGA

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New York to Perth is the thing you need. Two strong headwinds across two massive continents. Crossing two continents and the largest ocean