Singapore/Kuala Lumpur FNF 23 Oct 15


This week we soar through the skies of Singapore/Kuala Lumpur! Fly these real world routes in any region inspired livery, with your aircraft of choice. These routes can be flown in any order, allowing you to land at your destination or do a touch and go to continue with the second leg. Put yourself in the captain’s seat and enjoy the view!

We will be using IF procedures for the arrival phase to provide an organized and realistic experience. ALL pilots attending the event must be familiar with event procedures and NOTAMs. Full ATC will be available to implement and assist with procedures. Failure to follow instructions will lead to ghosting. It is recommended you take notes on the procedures or save on a second device.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official IF event post!




Roger N843 YW

@Philippe_Rollin can we have bad weather somewhere to make it a challenge?

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What if the weather changes and the runway you need to take off and land becomes inactive

You will take off from the active runway then go around to the first WPT, or ATC will vector you for landing

SIN and KUL are mostly hazy.

Tyler will set up custom-made METARS for the event :)

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I hope this is the case. Preferably something approaching wind shear limit on a 90 degree