Singapore IFC members

I am planning on hosting an event in Singapore as my dad works with Singapore airlines and he could organise for a visit and space for a Singapore IF meet up. Could anyone living in SG please reply to the post as I need to see how many people are there to decide wether to host this event!


I’m from Malaysia, so dunno if it counts or not. But I wouldn’t mind joining an event!

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Like IRL coming to sg??

Yeah man, but dunno if my parents would :(

Here’s a list of some Singaporeans that I know in here. Hopefully it helps! 😉

P.S : I’m not a Singaporean actually. But I live in one of Singapore’s neighbouring countries. So same case with @MisterButler 😉


Oh wow damn,
Looking good that’s awesome, if we have enough people we could make it work!!

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Hope they let you come!!! If it happens lol

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Oh ok! Would be awesome if you can make it!!

Nice… Gonna have a busy life in the next few months but if I can make it, I will :)

Maybe @Zenneth
Not 100% sure


Sounds cool. Any date for the meet-up so far?

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Still deciding…

Yeah we will try to speak to Singapore airlines and see if we can hire a private room and maybe take a little peak at thier simulators or something like that;

I’ve sent a discord invite for all so pls check your PM!

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