Singapore FNF // Tails and Scenery // WSSS - KLAX

Returning to the expert server yesterday was quite a lot of fun. After sitting at the gate for a few hours mimicking a mechanical delay (and simultaneously plane spotting) I eventually set off for a short 15 hr 30 min flight to Los Angeles on the brand new Singapore 777-300ER. Beautiful flight with little to no turbulence β€” seat belt sign turned off for most of the flight. Plenty of traffic allowed for there to be a great many international tails sitting at the gate. So on to the photos!

Row of tails sitting at Changi Terminal 1. Anyone think they were photographed here?

@MishaCamp spotted in the wild, (unless someone stole G-MISH from him)

Takeoff role β€” how could anyone guess we were flying at Changi πŸ€”

Setting sun meets Singapore’s golden livery

Reaching the West Coast and flying right over the Bay Area

Seconds from touchdown! TBIT is looking busy

Taxiing to the gate, with a British A380 coming in right after my arrival and an Alaskan A320 scurrying across 24L

International tails sitting at the International Terminal β€” Had to circle around to find a parking spot once I arrived

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ


Tom Bradley was crazy busy when I went departed. I took the last gate! Great pictures!

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I had to circle around twice because right when I was about to pull in to a spot someone loaded in πŸ˜‚ But it was nice to see so much traffic!

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Also bonus panorama photo from Changi

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