Singapore Changi airport problems (WSSS)

Hello. Since ive played IF, one of the most 'unoccupied" airports is WSSS. Just to ask;

Can we update WSSS in the next update?

Is there any way to make it popular like EGLL and KLAX?

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Hello there, speaking as a current editor of Singapore, we have run into some issues that is going to hamper our progress. This is something that will have to be addressed with the staff due to some technical issues. I hope that as a result of this, Singapore would be a better airport for more to enjoy.

That said, there is no way to guarantee that it will become as popular as the likes of London or Los Angeles. People are free to choose to fly to any airport they wish to, and as these two airports are arguably the most famous in the world for one reason or another, they are most likely to attract more pilots than Singapore.

Nonetheless, Singapore has been attracting a lot of traffic with IFATC controllers being present in recent weeks. While it may not be the most popular airport, I can assure you that it is far more popular than many others in the world.

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Well it’s practically impossible to change the general preference of the community from gravitating towards their familiar airports that happen to be the most popular. I don’t like it either since there’s so many better flights to check out aside from the likes of JFK-LAX, but that kind of popularity most likely won’t budge per se.

What?!?! You can only make yourself fly to airport you like. Not other people if they dont want to.

Actually, seeing WSSS empty when i landed just now, i felt, quite empty. But later when i returned, i saw only 1 plane at teh parking lot which made me feel… ok.

Oh ok thanks

Even airports such as KJFK and EGKK are often empty unless there are events! Dont fret, everyone loves flying to WSSS, and you can often find people flying to and from there when there are events in Asia for short hops, as well as continental flights such as to EGLL or KLAX

Well thats the power of multiplayer. People fly where they want. Im happy when i see 1 person in Belgrade (my home airport) where i usually fly. But i never asked other people to “make it more popular” because everyone flies where they want to.

You could always create an event, that is one way to get a lot of people at WSSS

Changi is one of my favorite airports to get back to as often as possible.

It’s such a key hub location in Southeast Asia at a historically important shipping passage (and a onetime home). It’s so central in that region and on the equator. How many times Aussie’s, as one example, stop there to get to Europe. It would be fun to see it as busy as LAX (also a onetime home). Often has been one of the topped ranked airports in the world.

And you’ve got Malaysia and Indonesia 60 seconds flight time away!

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Oh ok thanks everyone!

*My mistake of the ‘popular’ thing.


How to make an event? Just asking thanks!

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Read this thread:

Uhh Whats TL2?

Is it something related to the crew of IF?

No it’s the trust levels of this community. You are currently a Basic Member (TL1). To get to Member (TL2), keep liking, posting, commenting (albeit useful posts) and being helpful and you will get there in no time.

While you can’t make people fly to a airport you want, WSSS will often become very busy when it’s on the ATC schedule, and it’s normally on there at least once a month

Yep here it is for this month

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