Singapore Celebration [IFVARB VA Of The Month] // An IFVARB Event @WSSS 251500ZMAY19

Signups have been updated to this point.

Can I take section A please WSSS-WMKK

Sign me up Scoot 787-9 WSSS-ZSHC

Sign me up for a Section E gate

Sign me up for NZAA. (N172BD)

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Sign me up for KEWR. Flying this flight IRL in January so I gotta prepare for it haha!

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I will attend,B787-9,VHHH,ccall sign:Air China787.

Signups have been updated to this point. Less than a week until the event!

SVA007 | Sign me up for WSSS- KEWR!

Same for me. sign me up for WSSS - KEWR! (SVA024)

Sign me up for wmkk please

A bit late here, but can I please get a gate for WSSS-VHHH (SVA2391)

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Me too, WSSS-KEWR (SVA0088)


Event Day

Today’s Singapore celebration begins in just an hour and 15 minutes from now. Be sure to keep in mind the following things that are listed below, that are here to ensure the best organization for this event.

  • Follow all rules of the expert server. Failure to do so could result in having a mod being requested to come and ghost you.

  • Use Unicom at all times

  • Have proper etiquette (ie: don’t try and beat someone to the runway)

  • Spawn 15 minutes before the event start time

Section assignments

Below is a list of the assigned section attendees are in. If you are unsure where you can park, please view the image in the original thread post that shows where each section can park. There is no specific gate assignments, so you may park at any gate in your section as long as nobody else has taken it.

Section A


Section B


Section C


Section D


Section E


As said above, please spawn 15 minutes prior to event start time. If you have any questions, feel free to message me personally. Make sure to take some pictures and submit them to myself as well, for a chance to have it be featured on the IFVARB instagram. I hope this will be an enjoyable event for you all. See you at WSSS in an hour from right now!


The event is now under-way with pilots headed to their respective destinations!

If you have any pictures, please do feel free to share them below



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