Singapore Boeing777-300ER Singapore Chigi Int'--- Shanghai Pudong Int'

My first flight with B77W. I love this aircraft so much as its sound effects and visual effects are very perfect.

Park in WSSS

Take off🛫

In flight

Approach & Landing🛬

Park in ZSPD

Thank you for supporting me! 😊


Hey @David_Xu.

This flight looks AMAZING! Unfortunately while the topic looks amazing you are breaking some of the #screenshots-and-videos rules. The rules state

. In your topic you have 13 photos. Please take out 3 photos from the topic. If you want to read the rules for yourself look here. Thank you.

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OK. Thank you.

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You still have 13 photos. This topic will be closed if you do not remove 3 photos.

Thank you for removing 3 photos.

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