Singapore and Malaysia Airlines Beginning @ WSSS - 081700ZOCT16

43 Years Ago, an Airlines split into two. Forming Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines.
It would be appreciated if you could fly on a Singapore Airlines or Malaysia Airlines livery during this event.
Server : Expert

Region : Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Airport : WSSS and WMKK

Time : 1700Z

NOTAM : Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines Livery preferred but any livery is accepted

The route flown will be
WMKK-WSSS If you choose to fly a Malaysia Airlines livery
WSSS-WMKK If you choose to fly a Singapore Airlines Livery
Parking will be available when I have free time.

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Made it a wiki, so regulars can edit if you knowt he parking spots.

Please make your description more informative so pilots know where they would be flying.

Oh forgot about that

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