Singapore Airshow 2018: Better Late then Never!

Hey everyone, hope you’re having a great day so far! I took a short break from the forums to focus on my studies, but when I came back I couldn’t find any pictures at all from the Singapore Airshow.

Grab a drink and a comfy chair, and enjoy!

All photos shot with either a Canon 7D/ 70-200 f/4L or a Olympus OM-D EM 10/ 14-42 f/3.5-5.6 (the kit lens) and edited in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.

Starting off with the static display, here’s a couple of shots of the planes on show.

Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SG

USAF E-3B Sentry and KC-135R

Airbus Defence and Space A400M Atlas

USAF Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

USAF F/A-18E Super Hornet

USAF F-22A Raptor

Embrarer E190 E-2 with a special paintjob just for the airshow.

Now, onto the more interesting part, the airshow!
Unfortunately this year I didn’t manage to get a ni

ce spot to take pictures, but I’m still quite happy with the shots. See what you think!

First up is the F-15/F-16 combo from the RSAF, with the F-15 sporting special colours for the RSAFs 50th anniversary.





Next up is the JAS-39C, more commonly known as the Gripen! This particular Gripen came from Thailand all the way here just to fly in the airshow.


Next is a F-16C from the USAF!

The next plane we have is a Su-30MKM from Malaysia! You probably would have seen a plane on the internet somewhere with high alpha and dropping flares- that was at the airshow!

Coming up next is the KT-1B (no, I don’t know either) being flown by the Jupiter flying team from Indonesia! These were particularly nice to shoot as the huge group meant I brought the right lens for a couple minutes there :D



This shot is my personal favourite just because it was the only shot I got of the near miss pass (or would it be a near hit…?)

I’ve got a confession to make- there’s supposed to be a shot of the BUFF here, but I seem to have lost the photos! I’ll edit them in once I find them, sorry for that!

That’s it from me, and again I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos! Have a great week ahead, and I’ll see you in my next unnecessarily long post!

EDIT: I really can’t find the BUFF… so have this WMKK sunset shot instead!


Nice photos! Airshows are always fun!

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Unnecessary long? More like unnecessarily AWESOME! These are some fantastic photos mate!


Thanks! You also made me realise that it’s actually unnecessarily not unnecessary…too pedantic?


Haha it’s no biggie, and I wouldn’t really worry about it, I mean everyone makes that mistake lol.

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I have been waiting for this one, Ignatius 😀

Awesome shots as usual. I wish I could attend SIN Airshow one day 🙁

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It’s happening again in 2020, you could drop by then! I’ll show you around :)

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Great pictures. Ya, the singapore airshow was couple months ago.

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Awesome pics! Really liked the close up of the F22.

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WOW! Great shots man!

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These are some high quality photos right here!

Amazing shots!

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I was there as well! It was amazing and nice pics!

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Damn, some of these pics look like they’re straight out of a movie 😱

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Embraer don’t make the C series. Bombadier does.

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WOW Great photos…

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I would like to be there

Blue Angels will be in KMYR this up coming weekend 28-29 I will definitely have to post some now!

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The CS300 and A350-1000 were there, but only for the trade days, with the A35K there for the Asia tour. They left right before it was opened to the public.

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