Singapore Airport

Last night I started a flight from WSSS-KSFO. Still going now, feel free to track me. I noticed there was runway 02L/20R and 02C/20C. But there was no 02R/20L. I then checked an airport diagram and noticed it was the same. Why is this?

Hello. To my knowledge, 02R/20L is used by Changi Air Base (a separate airport) and Rep. of Singapore Air Force, so it isn’t associate with SIN. I hope this information was useful.

Correct me if I’m wrong though. :)


Wow. Thanks for the information. Very useful!

Runway 02R/20L is used by the RSAF for now, but will be converted for commercial use after the construction of terminal 5 is done


Ok, thanks for the information!

Thank you for that additional information :) It’s very useful, perhaps it can be suggested to the devs when construction for T5 is finished.

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Or airport makers

I suggest going to #features for that then ;)

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It won’t be completed until the 2030s😂

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Never too early to prepare

Then we will wait for that :D

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