Singapore airport issue (giant bridges)

Hey guys, I noticed that on WSSS the jet bridges are enormous!, and when you go back to KLAX (for example) the jet bridges are in their normal size, I don’t know what happened there.

Here are the examples


If you didn’t understand me 👇

Take a look to the jet bridges size WSSS-KLAX

I believe this is the normal size for those gates or that airport don’t quote me on that. Keep in mind you have an A380 there, so there are lots of tunnels for lots of doors for lots of people.

Here is an example:



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The size is extremely different, you can check it by yourselves

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This is hilarious 😂, hope it gets fixed

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Many reasons could lead to them being placed like that. SIN happens to have a lot of jetbridges that are left in such high positions by default. Here’s gate F31 for reference on Google Street View, unused and marginally higher than the 787 behind it:

Obviously they will be this high at some point, because you need to board double decker aircraft efficiently somehow. It can be done like that using a lower jetway and change its height and whatnot, but it just so happens Changi has dedicated equipment for the job. Ultimately, it is based on the design choice of each airport; obviously they will be different due to several factors.

I don’t really have anything to do with how any 3D airport is designed, but I’m just stating this based on observations that are likely purposefully reflected

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I was not talking about hight, I´m referring to its size, it´s extremely big, even for the A380 is way to big, you can go and check if you don´t Believe me.

I´ve only see this on WSSS no other airport has this issue as long as I am aware.

try to compare WSSS bridges with any other airport, and you´ll see.

Okay, I looked into this further. It does seem that is a known issue, and chances are that it will be addressed, I’ll stand corrected at that point then:

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