Singapore Airlines: Why it's a great way to fly

Though this has quite little to do with actual flying, but I figured that this small aviation bite is still worth sharing :)


Restores my faith in humanity


I’ve flown with them before. Their flight attendants are very kind, the food is excellent, the seats are comfortable, there’s lots to watch on the IFE, you get the idea.

My only complaint was the hard landing at JFK.


To be honest, I Like Singapore Airlines. From Comfortable seats till the Crews. Though My latest flight (SQ960) was a Bit dissapointing (Old IFE :(( and Cheap Food), But overall, It was great. (The crew helped me when My IFE suddenly disconnected from the server. They were Very helpful)

My latest flight was using a Boeing 777-300 (Original) “Retrofitted” with Registration code “9V-SYL” (No wonder Why I got an Old IFE). Next time, I should catch SQ959 instead (Served by the new A359 :p)

About Cheap Catering, My Outbound flight (SQ957) food was great (The Crew served me the Child Meal :p, No wonder it was tastier than Inbound one). I really hope SIA improve their Catering in Short-haul With High densinity (Singapore-Jakarta route is the 15th busiest route in the world)

Last time I flew on an SQ flight was an A380, on SQ 25 and 26. I was going from New York JFK-FRA.

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You should be Very lucky to board the Whale.

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