Singapore Airlines Virtual (IFSIAVA)

Today, I present to all of you my new VA, Singapore Airlines! This would be a unique airline as it includes Silkair :) I decided to schedule the VA to open on 1 May as Singapore Airlines was founded on the same day, in 1947! (It’s a coincidence that I thought of 1 May) haha

And yes, if anyone would be willing to help move my thread to “VA”, I’ll be extremely happy! (Thank you @Captain_DJ!)


Feedback, Questions and Suggestions (aka FQS) are welcome! And yes, I’d like to meet moar Singaporeans too!

Subsidiary VAs under IFSIAVA:

Our Partners:

Our Alliance:


Hi buddy, well down on creating a Virtual Airline. I do recommend getting that logo changed since it is copyright. Anyway congratulations.

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Thank you for the reminder, as this is my first time starting a VA up, I would be very ignorant of copyright issues. I have since contacted the relevant Company and am waiting for a response.

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If you need the logo changed slightly you can use Sketch Foight Designing.

Can I join? SQ237

Have you applied using the application form? :)

yup when will I know if I am in?

Sorry. When u see that I don’t know WSSS I was wrong. I knew it was Changi airport in Singapore

No worries, I’ll review your application :)

Thanks :) :) :)

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Oh hey @Skylines, SIA reverted to me and they disallowed the use of their corporate logo and also any modifications to it. What do I do now?

P.S. No need to worry about my email address

It’s great that you clarified, at least we know now. Maybe ask for suggestions to handle the current situation. If it comes to that point, then you might have to shut it down 😦
Hope for the best though :)


Thank you for contacting them. You can always create or order a custom logo for the virtual airline. There not difficult

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Isn’t there already a Singapore Airlines VA

Those are dead groups and not run by a single true red Singaporean


Walao I won’t shut it down man finally got the engine going who want shut down sial

Alright, I’ll check the suggestion you gave me.

Thanks for talking to the real Airline anyone that has a VA needs to talk to the real Airlines increasing Lufthansa cause you have copyright issues

Yea I didn’t know about this copyright thing at first but despite the disappointment, at least I got a reply before 1 May :)

Good luck with the New Airline @NatIsrael972. Just a suggestion, perhaps rather than allowing people to choose their own call sign you could issues them with one depening on their seniority of when they joined? Would help to look professional!

good luck and happy landings!