Singapore Airlines - The Shorthaul WSSS Flyout

Spawn your own Singapore Airlines Jet on this shorthaul route for amateurs.
Route: WSSS to WMKK
Time: 1:30pm Singapore Time on 11 Nov 2020
Server: Casual

Please book your own gate and use your own username/callsign. Mine will be Singapore 118.
I hope you will support this as it is my first flyout ever organized! Thank you!

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Hey @Loo_Wei_Yang,

Unfortunately, in order to post in the #live:events and #live:groupflights Category, you must increase your Trust Level (TL). They include Basic (TL1), Member (TL2) and Regular (TL3).

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For your information:

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk I am on the Basic Trust Level. I got the Badge.

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Feel free to post in the #live:groupflights then. Make sure you follow the category rules :)

Ok thanks for your advice!

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Hey there!

To add on with what everyone said above. You can only post a #live:groupflights topic within 3 hours of your flight.


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