Singapore Airlines | SYD-SIN | Airbus A380

Hey IFC!
The A380 is getting more and more rare in the skies, so I try to give it love every now and then so it doesn’t get forgotten.
Server: Expert

Callsign: UVAL122 Super
The photos are ready!
Our ride for today

Lined up 34L

Haulin’ out of Sydney

Climbing high

And flying high

Cool islands

That’s a whole lot of metal

Wonderful ATC @PlaneGeek keeping planes safe

Final 20R

Buttery landing in SIN

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Awesome shots! 5 & 6 are 🔥

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That landing in picture 8 looked like a go around. Great shots though!

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That was a go around in the 8th pic. I was originally going to land 20C then I was issued a go around due to takeoff traffic taking too long. I then made right traffic 20R and had a safe landing as you can see in the last pic.

Great photos! Keep it up. Hoping for a 380 rework. 🤞🏻

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