Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Boeing 777-300

Would love to see this on Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Stevan P
Share your thoughts about the livery

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Note : Before someone closes because of duplicate, This is a B777-300 request. Not B777-300(ER) 's. For B777-300ER’s, Click this


Great livery! Even better because it’s a 777-300.

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Yup, and even better again, this aircraft brought me to Singapore and (coincidentally) back to Jakarta last June

Wahhhh you beat me to it .-.

Just kidding. I also want to see this in IF anyway :)

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Yup, I like the Singapore flag on the livery tho

Though I’m not even a Singaporean lol

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Basket Sean is basket

We are such geniuses that Indonesians are more hype about our airline than ourselves 😂


That’s what makes it different from other *A liveries

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Please don’t bump your own topics. You should know this by now…

Thanks. :)


I’m sorry about that 😅. Thanks to remind me