Singapore Airlines Retires Some Airbus A380s & More Boeing 777s

Singapore Airlines has announced the retirement of several aircraft.


With a $3.47 billion net loss for the first half of its fiscal year, Singapore Airlines conducted a review of its fleet, resulting in the retirement of 26 aircraft.

Singapore Airlines has spent $1.3 billion retiring these aircraft:

  • Seven out of 19 Airbus A380s
  • Final four Boeing 777-200ERs (retired in April 2020)
  • All four remaining Boeing 777-300s
  • Two Airbus A319s
  • Nine Airbus A320s

Additionally, Singapore Airlines spent $127 million from the liquidation of NokScoot and retiring their seven 777-200ERs.

Around three years ago, Singapore Airlines retired five A380s - two were scrapped and one was transferred to Hi Fly who is now retiring this single A380. The retirement of seven more A380s brings Singapore Airlines’ historic A380 fleet down from 24 aircraft to 12 aircraft.

The retirement of two A319s and nine A320s is likely referring to the complete retirement of SilkAir’s Airbus fleet along with some A320 retirements coming from Singapore’s subsidiary, Scoot.

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Unfortunately, the Airbus A380 is gradually continuing to be retired by more airlines.

Singapore Airlines has once again referenced the upcoming Boeing 737s that will be transferred from SilkAir to Singapore Airlines with service beginning in the first quarter of 2021, so there’s a positive outlook for customers.


Really sad to see these wide bodies go :(

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I have a feeling people will be saddened by this, as I am about most aircraft requirements. However, I’m not nearly as upset at hearing this news as I am at hearing about other retirements. Overall, the a380 program was a failure to begin with, and the corona virus just proved that the aircraft has no resiliency, even in a hub and spoke airline style. Poor design by Airbus, and poorer choice in buying the aircraft by the airlines. It’s simply too big.

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Yikes A380 are being retiring much faster, Oh wait it has been since mid 2020

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