Singapore Airlines Restarting the Longest Flight in The World - But Not To EWR

Yes, you heard that correctly. Singapore Airlines is relaunching the worlds longest flight, but not to Newark. Instead, they will be flying to JFK nonstop with their A350. Yes, not the A350-900ULR but the A350-900.

SQ24 Singapore to New York JFK departing 2:25AM arriving 7:30AM
SQ23 New York JFK to Singapore departing 10:30PM arriving 6:10AM (+2 days)

These flights will start as of November 9th with the flight to JFK operating on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays with the flight to Singapore operating on Monday, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. This means that the A350 will be sitting in New York for 15 hours two days a week.

This flight also technically creates a new record for longest flight at 9537 miles vs 9534 at Newark.

Singapore Airlines says:

"Operating to JFK International Airport would allow Singapore Airlines to better accommodate a mix of passenger and cargo traffic on its services to New York in the current operating climate. SIA’s non-stop services to New York would also be supported by the growing number of transfer passengers who can now transit via Singapore’s Changi Airport.

SIA also anticipates significant cargo demand from a range of industries based in the New York metro area, including pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and technology firms. The new service will provide the only non-stop air cargo link from the U.S. Northeast to Singapore, which serves as a regional distribution hub for many major U.S.-based companies."


HUH?!?! Now that’s unexpected!

GG for JFK.


Travel isn’t recovering anytime soon, but SQ be like…

But it’s mainly for cargo though, so it’s understandable.


Isn’t this flight a few nautical miles longer? (yeah) So how many minutes does that correlate?

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@dca.iad.aviation yep

Does anyone know if Singapore was allowing connections on United out of EWR?

Also worth noting Singapore doesn’t use the A350-900ULR’s forward cargo hold, likely due to range restrictions, so the regular -900 will be needed to maximize cargo capacity.

A few seconds maybe? It’ll mostly come down to which runways are operating during the day.



Yes, they were. Good point about the flight time, this seems like a smart move given the increased cargo demand. I’m waiting to see if this will replace their A380 via FRA slot or if they’ll acquire an additional slot at JFK.

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Does their A380 in their F12C86W36Y245 or F6C78W44Y343 config have the range with minimal passengers and extra cargo?

Wow! I definitely wasn’t expecting that! Especially with United not even serving JFK. Definitely a different idea.

Sad @Pingu and @Z-Tube noises

Wow. I did not expect this to happen!

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I think I’m gonna pass out

Why… 😔 Now theres nothing special about Newark lmao

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Yes! Thank God! I don’t know why they didn’t start nonstop service to JFK in the first place. It’s a much better airport, more runways, more gates, etc.

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I’m sad now. I guess my spotting trip to EWR was the first and last time I’ll ever see SIA at EWR. 🥺


Yeah it’s kinda sad 🥺😢

Can’t relate with my home airport being Singapore Changi 😏😂


Oh wow! That’s pretty cool! Not exactly the same place though lol 😂

I don’t think it’s a permanent switch to JFK.

SIN-JFK ends on March 27, 2021 and SIN-EWR is set to resume some time earlier. It’s more likely that Singapore hasn’t updated its schedule but for now the EWR suspension shouldn’t be permanent.

Wow That’s amazing!

Please PM with a picture of every single SIA aircraft you’ve seen 😂