Singapore Airlines Relaunches Flights to Seattle...with a twist

Let’s get weird, Singapore Airlines…

Approximately three years ago, Singapore Airlines announced direct flights from Seattle to Singapore (topic link). This route launched prior to COVID, and when the pandemic came around, it was halted, in line with most international routes that SQ were operating at the time.

Now, as the world opens up again, Singapore Airlines is getting weird with it. They’re restarting flights to Seattle, but not from Singapore. It’s not unusual, considering they operate/have operated LAX flights with a stopover in Tokyo/Taipei/Seoul, IAH flights with a stopover in Manchester, SFO flights with a stopover in Hong Kong, and JFK flights with a stopover in Frankfurt.

I’ll be to the point with it. They’re starting flights from Singapore to Seattle, with a stopover in Vancouver, Canada.

Singapore Airlines will be flying to Canada for the first time since 2009, and now, they’ll be flying a fifth-freedom flight from Vancouver to Seattle, just a distance of 127 miles. Flights will operate four times a week, with two of those flights being vaccinated travel lane (VTL) services only. All services will be operated by the A350, and flights start December 2nd.

On a personal note…flying an A350 on a 20-30 minute flight seems fun.


Woohoo more traffic for me to spot!

I came into this expecting some mild weirdness, but the more I think about it, the weirder it gets.

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That’s actually a pretty good idea, bringing back two cites in one go!

that really is a twist!

Didn’t expect them to stopover so close from the final destination