Singapore Airlines Plans to Retire Their First a380

Singapore Airlines is not renewing their lease for their first a380! Shockers… I don’t know if they will renew their lease on their other a380s, what do you think will happen?


This does not mean they are retired the first a380. It means they will not extend the lease, meaning it didn’t belong to them


A380 was never a great success. Too many seats, they couldn’t all be filled, and couldn’t carry much cargo at all.


Anywhay that was a legendary plane…anywhay I agree with ya


Yay, bye bye Airbus and your only ‘successful aircraft’

but some Singapore airlines a380s were the first made, and don’t have a performance as good as the newer aircraft. I’ll try and find the link to an article I was reading about it.

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Emirates strongly disagree…


They still have orders for more A380s, they just don’t want to continue the leasing contracts

What the… The A380’s retirement age (Like the 747’s) has started

I think both Boeing and Airbus shouldn’t have made/continued the use of jumbo aircraft. I expected this to happen. Don’t get me wrong, the A380 and 748 are beautiful airplanes

They are not retiring the A380, the are giving it back to the the owner.
It’s like I’m renting a house and I don’t renew my lease. I’m not abandoning the house.

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agreed!!! 747 was and is way better! LONG LIVE BOEING!!!

SIA won’t extend 9V-SKA lease and replace them with one of 5 SIA’s orders. I think it’s one of their fleet refurbishment plan. Though some said that SIA starts seeing A380 not like when they received their first A380. While 9V-SKB - 9V-SKE’s fates are still uncertain. They might also get replaced by the newer A380 or replaced by B77W

To be honest, I never liked the A380… I’m kind of happy. (Sorry @a380fan )

SQ will not renew the leases, that’s just how SQ does business. I’m not sure if the lessor will find someone else to take the poor thing, she is overweight compared to her younger sisters.

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How could you say that.

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