Singapore Airlines orders 20 777-9X + 19 787-10

This order gives a little more clarity into what SQ’s longer term fleet plan entails. The 777s can potentially replace A380s in the 2023-2028 timeframe or replace the 777-300ER in the same timeframe. I did put the A350-1000 as the favourites to replace the 777-300ER, it seems that this might not be the case. SQ has positioned itself to take on 787-10 to replace the 777-200/300 and A330-300 while the A350-900(ULR) and 777-9X will take over long haul operations. As it stands right now, SQ’s fleet will look something like this in the year 2030:

Short Haul:

  • 49x Boeing 787-10
    Long Haul:
  • 50x A350-900
  • 7x A350-900ULR
  • 20x Boeing 777-9X
    Total: 126 aircraft

Can’t wait to see one of their 777-9X flying!


Yes! No more A330s on SIN to KUL

They ordered just one less than Cathay Pacific.

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They’ll probably replace them with the 787-10, which won’t be much of an improvement in terms of passenger experience. SQ’s A330s already offer one of the best economy products in the world. I’m not sure if it can get better from there.

We will probably see some top-up orders as airlines get them. CX and SQ know they can take at least 20 and 21, respectively. They will order more as they work out what the 777X can and cannot do.

Right. I believe CX started with 15 77Ws and ended up with 53.

Yeah I saw this on my news app. Pretty cool indeed!

I wonder if Adelaide will change… have had the a330 for 5 years… but Singapore to Rome needs to change, their b777-200 is good but old… I will be travelling Adelaide to Singapore to Rome … a lot…

Why do you not like the a330 it is the best looking plane


787-10 is much better imo much more quiet,newer,bigger windows, and more comfortable cabin conditions


But seeing as the 787-10s will be used on regional, SQ would likely go with 9-abreast in Y, which has narrow seats and aisles.

There is no need, old planes are perfectly safe. SQ doesn’t have anything that is really old.

Sure, but the cabin will be a lot more cramped. I guess a world-leading economy class product isn’t enough for you.

I would be inclined to disagree if we had this discussion a year ago. But SQ has been cutting costs and I think that 9-across is a possibility.


I don’t think there will be any more airlines that haven’t already taken delivery of the 787 to go 8-abreast in Y. I thought EVA would until we found out that they were taking 777s in 10-abreast.

By then and when they’re in service will they still have economy

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I guess you are right…nothings wrong with them…

Love it! Can’t wait to see B78X flying to Jakarta 😍

The B78X (Along with the planned A359 Regional Config) will replace the older A330s starts from 2019. And it seems B779 will replace B77Ws and A380s start from 2025s


I’m pretty sure this isn’t a short haul plane.

Wow! @SingaporeAirlines must have a lot of money!

It isn’t, but there is no better option for a high-capacity aircraft for short-haul operations as of now. You had the 777-300 for that role, but new aircraft are not built with the high-density, short-haul segment in mind. The 787-10 is the next best alternative.


The 787-10 doesn’t have that much range for a jet Boeing calls “long-haul”. Either that or I’m looking at the wrong sources.