Singapore Airlines , Newark to Singapore

I am preparing for my flight from Newark to Singapore and I just wanted to double-check that Singapore Airlines uses the a 350 - 900 and not the ulr version? Also does anyone know the seating capacity that they use? I want to get everything as exact as I can so I do not have to divert

They use the ULR

Seating capacity of the A350-900ULR on Singapore Airlines is 161 seats, and the IF A350-900 should get you there just fine.

this link should help you out with the aircraft for flight planning purposes.

Fuel burn will be slightly different too due to winglet size and other slight changes so make sure to pack a bit more

Also step climb

Definitely, thanks guys. Probably a long shot but is anyone up for joining me? I love having a second captain to talk to during flight

No sorry to long device would crash

Can’t, sauce boss. Flying Air Canada from Sydney to Toronto tonight.

By the way does anyone know how to use FlightAware? Like I can only use it for flights that are coming up or that just happened but I don’t know how to search for random flight generation or history? And everyone tells me they can use Flightradar24 and what not and I have that, the app version but it doesn’t help me make flight plans or input Infinite Flight data

Use SimBrief, it will tell you fuel, passengers and flight plan

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Flightradar24 cannot in any way help with flight planning, but flightaware can. You take the flight plan that flightaware gives you and paste it into simbrief and get all the aircraft info, the amount of cargo you want, or pax, and you hit generate OFP, and click on the PDF, and you have the flight plan, but you’ll have to type it in to the Infinite Flight search in the map.

let me make you the flight plan for the flight really quick

All good, I know how to use simbrief I use it all the time but I heard you can like in put your data from Infinite Flight and it can show you where you have flown on Flightradar24

I believe they only have 160 or so seats to save fuel, but you could probably have 30 pax now and it would be realistic

And I don’t want to second-guess you guys but just to double-check are you 100% sure I can make it there if I step climb? The range of the a350 - 900 is 15000 km and the distance is about 15300 kilometers there

I already generated the PDF, and here it is:

altitudes are given next to the waypoints

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what do u mean by pax?


Simbrief recommends 161 passengers, 8,400 lbs of cargo, and 246,300 lbs of fuel for the flight

I’m positive (and you shouldn’t even need to step climb) because I’ve done a longer flight with the A350 at about the same pax count and made it just fine.

Well thank you guys I appreciate it. Wish me luck


Good luck, though I doubt you’ll need it.

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